Day 11: Osetemega Iribiri

I can come up with a thousand and one reasons not to write this memoir but they’d be silly and buttered with ungratefulness. The scripture that says the path of the just shines brighter and brighter is what characterised this year for me. I came into a new realm with new realities. The peace and joy inside of me isn’t one the world gives, but God.

The year started in the most unusual moods. I didn’t go for the crossover service at my local assembly. I knew I needed to be alone with my God. I needed that quiet and I am happy my mum obliged without question (knowing her knack for certain traditions). I livestreamed the service and soaked in more than I would have if I was in the building.

During the December 2019 gift exchange season, I received a gift. It wasn’t the gift per say but the force behind it. Precious was thanking me for being part of her 2019 spoken word journey; for listening and correcting her poetry as well as giving her shoulders to stand on. The gesture spoke to an integral part of me. What I counted as little or usual meant a whole lot to her. At that point, the scales were taken off my eyes and I knew I had to start taking myself, my writing and even speaking more seriously.

By January 1, 2020, I published an article on Medium with the name The Journey to The Extraordinary (@journeytoextra) with the promise of publishing one article monthly. The feedback has been great and I know I am on to something transformational. Although I haven’t been totally faithful in publishing monthly, I am not backing down just yet. Most importantly, I am proud of the art of starting and excited about my trajectory.

By late January early February, I enrolled in a branding school which was going well until COVID-19 struck Nigeria.

The lockdown period wasn’t so hard to deal with for me. Being indoors can be my comfort zone and this I was served on a golden platter. I got into the groove of online learning, applying for jobs and all.

At about March, I enrolled in the Firebrand Forerunner Bible Course thanks to the Holy Spirit and my friend, Ope. It was an intense eight weeks. I pushed boundaries I otherwise didn’t know I could and I met amazing women. I am not a fan of WhatsApp groups, however, I was at home with ours.

As the lockdown eased off, I also eased off certain things like online learning and job application. I needed calm for my mind. I also had times I felt down because I felt I was operating below what I could and should operate by. At that point, I needed a change of environment. I spent some time at my cousin’s and sister’s.

By the end of September, I toyed with a business idea. The plan was to take a journey to Eko Market with my cousin who stayed on the island to see what existed in the niche. Whilst cooling off there and making enquiries, the #endSARS movement began. I also joined the Spiritual Development of The Legacy Youth Fellowship (of my local assembly) with the aim of just praying for Nigeria nothing more (but you know how this thing panes out yeah?). During this time, I also took a discipleship class with the Pagemaster.

On October 20, 2020, we had the Lekki Massacre. Oh my, I was drained emotionally. I couldn’t reconcile the prevailing events. I was in Pagemaster’s class but couldn’t comprehend what the facilitator was saying. For two/three days I had to play music to sleep. I couldn’t muster much prayers beyond “Lord, have mercy.” Shortly after, I fell ill. Knowing the trigger, I didn’t bother going to the hospital (also because I don’t like medicine #coversface). I dwelt more on sleep, prayers and occasionally paracetamol. Weeks after, I was much better.

After about a month at my cousin’s, I was ready to continue the year. The prolonged change of environment helped me so much. I bounded more with my nieces and nephew. One of them asked me why I don’t have a boyfriend. So that answers the question of if I am in a relationship. That has to change before I see her again unless I’ll face another panel. Lol.

In November, I got in tune with my publicity side. The Spiritual Development team had two weeks to plan for an event and somehow I found myself navigating the publicity, speaking with relevant stakeholders, designers, writing posts… gosh I enjoyed the adrenaline rush. I relished seeing what had been planned come to the light of day and being appreciated. It’s so precious. Of course, with God on our side, we met our target number and changed the history of the Legacy Youth Fellowship.

The next week, I had a phone mishap that rendered my phone blind. By the next morning, I was told to come pick another phone. I hear testimonies of people saying the Holy Spirit told me give you this and that but fam, it was happening to me live and direct! I was marvellously helped, just to put it in simple English. December is still brimming with great happenings and I am savouring each moment.

Quick points to note:

  1. Prayer works: My prayer game trumped in 2020. I have seen prayers come to pass literally. For example, for a while, I prayed to come into my tribe and when I see the kind of people around me, I am more than grateful and confident that they are destiny relationships.

  2. You have influence: In a 2020 conversation with my friend, Beauty, she was sad she didn’t have the funds to do certain things. Or rather, she would prefer to pay for certain things herself. I understood where she was coming from, but I told her she doesn’t have to pay for every single thing. When someone offers or does something for you and your spirit is at rest, allow them. Influence is wealth. That’s what the Yorubas call Ola. Ola isn’t money. Money is the least forms of Ola.

  3. Let the Holy Spirit guide you: The name Emmanuel, God with us, has been so personal to me in 2020. God has been with me so much. Even when I felt sad and was mentally down, He stayed. I tell him to teach me how to host him daily and I won’t trade His presence for anything in the world. He gives everything you could desire. His wisdom in every aspect of life is incomparable. Incomparable!

I have to drop my pen here. Thanks Dr P for the opportunity. Thanks Perrystots family for reading. I am beyond grateful to share these moments with you and I know this is the least I’d ever be. See you at the top fellas.

Love always,
Osetemega Iribiri
FB: Osetemega Iribiri
IG: @kraftvoll @journeytoextra
Medium: @journeytoextra


Compliments of the season from Perry’s Tots.🎄

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