Day 12: Temitope Ogundeko

“This is the year we’ve been waiting for. I can feel in my spirit that it’s going to be an intense year! I am so so excited at the possibilities this year brings. I can smell it already 😂I most definitely will be a millionaire at the end of the year. E sure me die! My business will ‘blow’ this year. My influence will extend to the nations of the earth this year. This is the year I have been waiting for

2020a – The first of its kind

Those were my words January 1, 2020. And indeed the year began on a high note. I pitched my business to big organizations for sponsorship, over 15 of them. Not one got back to me 🤣🤣🤣 I was undeterred. I felt it was their loss. (I still feel that way.) I dropped proposals to potential clients, over 30 of them! I got a few yeses even though most of the yeses weren’t my preferred choice but it was still exciting anyway. It was the first time I’d do something that big. I had invites to schools, top league schools inclusive. I had the opportunity to train certain professionals too. I got on radio for free and that one session opened way for other bookings. It was the best year ever. You’ll not understand until you realize how low my 2019 was. I was frustrated with my business and began to have fears as to whether I had made the right choice in quitting my job to start my thing. So you can imagine the flip 2020 gave me. Based on projections, by June I should have been earning millions (in naira😂😂 sha one day dollars and other currencies will come along). It was that good. See me meeting some of my lecturers in the course of my training sessions and they feeling so proud of me. 2020 was truly the year I waited for. I’d wake up in the mornings ready to take over the world. My drive could literally inspire a continent! Kilode!!! I began to claim territories for God. I engaged my priesthood. I was in a realm of 1000% optimism. People who were feeling down were reaching out to me and I was the encourager. Like! How can you come around feeling depressed then leave that way. A depressed person will leave me looking to take over the world. 2020 was the year of my yard people…Did I even mention that I applied for two major grants and I made it into the next phase for both? I was sure I’d be among the winners and if they needed one winner, I was the winner. This year sure me die!!! Let me explain how optimistic I was. I had a decision to make that would place our business in a certain global light. Logically assessing it, it was unwise to take that step at the time. Not only unwise but terribly unrealistic. My business partner is the more logical one. However, my enthusiasm and optimism so rubbed off on him that he dumped the logic behind my decision and he jumped on my flow. That was how radical my zeal for 2020 began.

And then 2020b began. Oh boy!

2020b – What is dead can never die

It began first towards the end of March. My partner and I had just ended our radio show that Wednesday at Eko FM. We were talking with the producer as to how to engage during the subsequent six months. The anchor of the show was talking to us to feature on a program he produces. The head of the radio station was sending feedback to us to come more often as they enjoyed our session. We were on the moon, our shoulder pads rising high. A ni pe se this is the year o. A ti fe blow Oluwa o. Adura ti gba. Then by Friday, I was hearing Corona something. Pe we shall be locking down. Locking down kini? We felt it would be for a week. Then a week passed. We missed our next radio session because of the lockdown. We said maybe a month. My people, you all know what happened. It extended beyond my wildest dreams. Gradually o my shoulder pads started removing till all that was left were my shoulder blades. The organizations giving grants could not continue the process because they were hit by covid19 as well. The millions I had banked on were vaporizing before my eyes o. June came and went o. I never touch the millions, e don dey disappear. Ah! I was still posting online to keep hope alive, even though my heart was doing gbam-gbam-gbam then by May, a tragedy struck. My partner’s dad kicked the bucket. It came at the peak of the lockdown and at a point where we were reevaluating our business. It was a shock because he wasn’t ill. We had spoken with him a night before he passed and he was well. Business went on break. Life went on break. Everything was happening so fast and so slow at the same time. It was like we were stuck in the Matrix. Nothing was real and everything was real. My partner was in devastation. I was numb. Yet, we had a business to cater to. I did my best to hold it all together until I began to feel bits and pieces of my peace waning. I remember a particular day I said to myself, “maybe this isn’t the year I was waiting for all along”. And that punctured whatever shred of hope I had left. By June, we lost another father. There was some bit of good in the month of June though. My partner had his birthday then and we decided to host a free AWE class for the teenagers in that neighborhood and it was a success. Highly fulfilling. It reminded us why we started our business in the first place and helped us trace our way out of the despondency that was surreptitiously eating us up.

While we were building drive to resume work, yet another father passed. It now became a father per month death since May! We were alarmed. What exactly was going on gangan? Why were we losing fathers? By August, burials resumed. August, September, October burials for the three fathers that passed. And even though burials were going on monthly, up until November, there was a death per month that I was privy to. But by October, I got to a point where nothing could surprise me anymore. I mean, whatever could go wrong had gone wrong. Every iota of hope I had, completely vaporized before my eyes. What is dead can never die. It’s funny and interesting how that it’s in the midst of life challenges that certain scriptures become so real you can literally and experiential understand when the Apostle said, “that which my eyes have seen, my ears have heard, my hands have handled…” Nothing surprised me anymore. Except…

2020c – Blood of my Blood

But now, this is what the Lord says— he who created you, Jacob, he who formed you, Israel: “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.  When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.  For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior; I give Egypt for your ransom, Cush and Seba in your stead.  Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I will give people in exchange for you, nations in exchange for your life.”

Isaiah 43:1-4 NIV

2020c began in the midst of 2020b. It’s hard to explain. But if you understand the concept of years beigg rolled into one, you’ll know exactly what I mean. In the midst of the chaos and the shattered hopes, there was hope beyond the scope of human limitations. I found myself praying more and more for deliverers to arise out of Africa. For Africa to become a continent of light! I truly look forward to when Africa will be seated as a golden child in the committee of nations and it will not only be in my lifetime, I will play a crucial role in Africa’s emergence too. My heart began to yearn for the emergence of the greatness of Africa. I’ll hear myself saying, “Africa arise and shine for your light is come and the glory of God is risen upon you”. I began to remember that the scripture above was what God gave to my partner and I when we sought His face for the outlook of the year 2020. We were specifically told that it would be an intense year but Isaiah 43:1-4 was our promise. But you know how we humans can get, reading our greed into God’s creed. I interpreted it to mean, the year of millions 😂😂 I didn’t realize that “I will give people in exchange for your life” was as literal as it could be. Or that I will pass through fire and not be burned. Kai. My mom’s a nurse. She was at the frontline of the COVID19 battle. She lost colleagues to it but none of us died nor did she. I remember when one of my siblings took critically ill and we began to fear the worst, God pulled her back to us. I remember when I also got ill and just like that, I was snatched from the claws of death by His grace. I remember how God kept His part of the bargain to us. He did! God can be trusted.

2020d – The Dance of the Dragon

“And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.” Revelation 12:9 ESV

You know how intimidating dragons look in movies, right? Now imagine dragons as vegetarians. It’s interesting how Satan seems to be a fiery dragon to be feared when really all he could be is a defeated foe. He comes all terrifying and one could easily shiver from the intimidation. But when you remember that the guy was shamed out of heaven, cast down to earth and we have been given the keys to dominate him, you’ll realize that his greatest weapon is deception. To magnify himself more than what he truly is. Make no mistake, Satan is powerful but God is All Powerful. He used to be a custodian of knowledge, so he definitely has some tricks up his sleeves. But God is All Knowing and once you’re in tune with Him, there’s no trick the devil brings that you won’t overcome. In this year 2020d, everything was going wrong. It seemed the enemy was having a field day. From the multiple deaths to the uncertainty the pandemic came with to the loss of steady income from my clients’ loss of income, to the trajectory of my business. This year was characterized with a lot of uncertainties in all areas of my life. It was the Dragon’s dance.

Yet, I remembered His promises upon which He has caused me to hope and suddenly the Dragon began to give way. Joy was a weapon I utilized this season. In this same amazing year of my millions, do you know that I had the best testimonies ever?

For one, I was to have my introduction but my fiancé’s dad passed so it got indefinitely postponed.
I was to take my business to the next level but all grants failed and all income stopped because of the pandemic
I was to officially become a global citizen but my mental health got threatened and I shoved that goal aside
I was to assume my role as a brand consultant at RemakeAfrica but I couldn’t keep up with the demands on my emotions and time
I obviously was to have my millions but instead of a comma after the first figure it was a full stop (i.e. instead of 199,000,000 it was 199.000,000)

It’s an endless list I won’t like to bore you with but how can I nottalk about the Lord’s goodness? Which of His goodness can I deny? Every single detour I experienced placed me at a destination beyond my target for 2020 with my expectations met and surpassed. Some by faith, others have manifested on this side of eternity. My life is a testament to God’s mercy and favour. I am a miracle in motion, a full force of favour on two feet.

2020e – The Emergence

Welcome to 2020, the year I’ve been waiting for. Yes, I still mean this. It’s an exponential year. This is the year where I’ve been set on the path to destiny fulfillment. A shinning star. This year made me into a woman with global relevance. Everything I said at the beginning of the year was true. God doesn’t lie. He doesn’t change. And for His name sake, He will do the impossible. This is truly the year I waited for. The beginning of a decade of grace and influence. I am excited!

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  1. Jesus!! See energy. I can feel the fire from all the way here.

    It’s truly the year we have been waiting for..

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