Day 15: Praise Otobo

I still remember the watch night service into this year and how I purposely didn’t write any resolution because I was tired of not fulfilling the past ones over the years, it almost felt like I was giving myself a checklist I couldn’t complete. January was blessed come to think of it and all the love in the air in February? I felt left out oooooo because I was single as a Pringle.

It was declared our year of immeasurable grace and although I was teaching it in Sunday school my mind and heart just couldn’t seem to connect on it.
Honestly I’m happy to have made it through the lockdown but do I want to experience another? Never. Mine started on March the 13th. I got down from the plane to Lagos and walked to meet my dad waiting for me in the parking lot. I remember him talking about how he fixed the car with so so and so amount… I don’t know why dates have been stuck in my head. Unlike most of you reading this, my lockdown lasted more than 6 months because I’m still in school, although employable but still learning anyway. In the month of April I was so full of faith that the industry would resume operations and I would be able to go back to school… I literally didn’t unpack my box… and I was still buying stuff I would take back to school, as per provisions. Little did I know…😂

It took me by surprise how this lockdown turned around and refined a lot of things about me. Between April and October I came out a completely different person, more calm, wise and discerning. I can’t always share my lockdown experiences to others because everyone thinks their’s was also one for the books but what I’m about to share with you will leave you knowing that there is truly a God in heaven.

For about two years, two friends of mine had tried to recommend a popular preacher to me but I was never interested. Once again, one of them recommended a two part teaching on the Holy Spirit and this time I decided to listen. I obviously started out uninterested but I decided to keep an open mind… I listened straight for about two hours and at the end I found myself having the most unusual encounter with Him. Never had I ever felt the presence of God so strongly around me, I kept on praying for hours afterwards. Finally around 11pm I decided to try to sleep, I couldn’t. I literally had to beg Him to allow me sleep, eventually I did fall asleep and from that very night, I began to have very significant dreams. Sometimes they would be a call to prayer to avert danger or clarity concerning a particular issue. I almost wanted to beg for the dreams to stop but He said no and night after night I would have the craziest of revelations in my dreams. With this I learnt that I was beginning to have insights into the plans that He had for me and others, it was a call to intercede. I was first unknowingly selfish about it, because I always wanted to see what concerned me but then again I also learned that “not all intercessors are prophetic people, but all prophetic people are intercessors”.

My lockdown was full of Holy Ghost encounters I can tell you that… He was finally becoming my friend, He was gradually opening up to me and I loved it… I read my Bible so much more than I have ever done and it felt so different now because I read and had understanding, the Word found expression in my life. I read books and listened to many messages, even prayed more than I ever have. There was this one night that the kind of prayer that I even prayed, I was scared to fall asleep because I was like “God if you don’t answer this prayer hmmm, the people that were affected will come for me ooo”😂
I felt His power and glory all over me, I was literally untouchable by any power of darkness. As in, I would speak to the sickness and it would be gone but even with all this I knew I was just starting and that the fire could fade, I had to fan it… And fan it I did, fasting and prayer became my watchword, trust me it got tiring but I had a little faith every time and as I was about to gas out faith worked it’s magic.
I think people underestimate the power of just trusting God, it’s now I really know that His strength starts where my own stops. I can’t outdo God in my own life.

Now I don’t have a life outside God and school/career and I like it like that, all my outings are either church related, and trust me they’re always cool, or school/career.

I resumed school finally after 7 months. I was the least excited because I expected the usual sluggish pace we had been running with before the lockdown started. I was surprised with the rate at which I progressed and it required my focus and energy. It became hard to keep up spiritually, I wasn’t dead but I was weak land getting weaker. But God being God gave me the opportunity to do His will.

There was a period that I felt or I could just sense something terrible looming over my environment and it was confirmed with a dream. When I had written it down I sent it to a close friend of mine and he replied immediately that he also had a similar dream and he felt the Holy Spirit was confirming my dream and was also calling us to start weekly prayers with fellow Christian students. So for the first time in the history of the school a fellowship was started the following Friday. It’s been going on ever since.

Do I really have expectations for 2021? Very little compared to what I know He’s planned for me, I’ll just let Him do Him.

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  1. Congratulations on the Campus Fellowship. I pray it outlives your set and long after you are gone it will remain standing. May your light continue to shine bright.

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