Day 17: Adanma Olisa

It’s a privilege once again to be part of this year’s 31 days 31 voices’ edition. Thank you @Perrystots for this opportunity. For me,  2020 is a continuum, consolidating on the lessons and experiences of 2019. This year is filled with testimonies and victories. Howbeit, I had my challenges, had some losses, plans were changed,  but all in all,  God has been faithful.

As a routine, I take quarterly inventory of my plans. I do this to remind myself,  rehearse my goals,  renew my mind,  re-energise my passion and re-strategise my plans to accommodate changes. Amidst all that was happening, I tried to stay afloat. It is said that “change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end”.

An experience stood out for me but not limited to this. I like to volunteer and serve in various capacities when I am opportuned. I decided to run for Financial Secretary of Association of Resident Doctors. We are aware that any financial post is a very sensitive one and you have to be convincing that you can be trusted. I must say I had a good run for it. Of course, I had an opponent. I was subtly bullied to drop the ambition because  the odds were against me.  He is an indigene, trained and was the PRO of the association as a House Officer in the same hospital. But I insisted on letting the beat person for the job win. The consultation and campaign periods were draining mentally and physically, coupled with busy work schedules and personal activities. I gave up so many times but thankfully I had friends and colleagues who were very supportive and ensure I persisted regardless. Let me fast forward and not bore you…  I WON! And it was a landslide victory (two-third of the votes). As a matter of fact,  I had the highest number of votes amongst all the contestants vying for various positions.

This experience taught me never to give  up on my dreams, to be confident and aggressive,  strengthen my uniqueness and distinctiveness. There is not harm in trying. Failing/losing is a step to succeeding. Special thanks to my friends Jibs and Kendrick. They were simply amazing. I pray to serve well in this mandate given to me.

I  hope for a better 2021. We move regardless!

Compliments of the season from Perry’s Tots.🎄

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