Day 22: Toyin Oyetayo

2020! What a year!!!

Very Dramatic, challenging, scary, beautiful and Awesome year.2020 is a drama queen to be honest.

Before I proceed, I’m a first time writer and I hope this blesses someone.

My name is Oluwatoyin and indeed God is worthy to be Praised.I am a Music Minister, a fashion designer, an affiliate with Quintessential Investment Company, my Brand name is MaxmyAssociates and I’m the music director of Crystal sound, a Wonderful Choir in an Amazing Church called Father’s House in Abeokuta.

Started 2020 not knowing what I wanted or had any dreams or aspirations. I know people make new year resolutions and all, well I didn’t make anything. I wasn’t expecting much cos I was just tired of everything. Even while we were praying at the cross over service I wasn’t really asking for anything in particular cos I remembered I asked 2019 and it seems it didn’t come through.

I mean the way we try to figure things out with our head is hilarious and the way we abandon the real thing and Chase shadows is equally amazing. 😁

2020, I was serving my country Naija. I also started a business. hmmmmm so I started saving my alawee and I invested with a guy and one good day a friend of mine from church talked to me about a new guy just trying to start up and will be needing middlemen and I was like no oooo I’m not doing, I don’t want to enter trouble with people’s money, my integrity will be at stake, I don’t want to be running away or forfeit my music ministeringcos of this and blah blah blah. I had a valid reason for saying all that cos at that time some of the forex company was crashing and it was causing a great uproar in that area so you saying you want to start same kind of business was folly. This my friend whom I’m grateful to God for convinced me further by saying even My Pastor that I trust and love greatly can attest to the fact that there won’t be any problems with this guy and him saying that kinda melt me, so I told my Pastor about it and he said I can go ahead cos he knows the guy and that if I have the mind I can.Now this business involves getting people’s money and using it to trade the forex market. So I met with the CEO and we agreed on commission and all and I was excited and so we kick started this business, My Pastor helped me with the business name and we quickly did a rough graphics for the business and the day I was supposed to push out the artwork I asked my choir members on the group to help me share the artwork and tell people about this beautiful opportunity that earns you 25% on any amount you invest monthly. When the business started it was 15% every 2 weeks. So they did but some people didn’t cos they were scared and some just didn’t believe in me. So I started getting people entering my DM saying why am I doing this kind of business, why am I insensitive, why am I posting about this type of business knowing fully well that same type of business was crashing and a serious uproar was going on, police arresting people and some trying to escape for their lives and all, I was scared, I felt bad and I almost asked people to bring down the graphic but something on my inside wasn’t agreeing to that, I’ve come to learn to learn in the word of God that when others are saying there’s a casting down I will be saying there’s a lifting up! So I went ahead and unapologetically closed my eyes to naysayers and to the GLORY OF GOD alone we are still standing strong and sure cos my pillar is God and my source is found in Him. Then I called close friends to come invest with me but they didn’t answer I spoke to groups and all and they said it was a scam, some group even removed me saying I have been hacked, I spoke to my CDS president to allow me talk to fellow corp members but he turned it down, I mean it was tough but God sustained me and today I can boldly say indeed God is Good!!!

This same 2020 that’s been scary has been nothing but blessings to me and family, I changed apartment something I didn’t think I could afford except I’m married, I got my own car, I do the things that has always been on my mind to do by giving to the church, I mean nothing I could have prayed for in my own understanding but only calling them forth through speaking in tongues! During the lock down I prayed every 12noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, 12am, 3am, 6am, 9am and back to 12noon and like that for weeks. I saw changes that could only have happened with good plans for 2years, 3 years happening in weeks and months.

This same year I clocked 30 and I celebrated in grand style something I would never have thought would happen in the next 3years

This same year God opened my eyes to see who true friends are and God really blessed me with a lot of them

My ministry is going great cos in this same year I had my first ever virtual concert and also did covers for my YouTube channel I mean what God cannot do does not exist. Even when it looks like you’ve been written off, God always turn the situation around for testimonies. I was invited for virtual meetings and live alike. I am a channel of blessings to lives cos God said I am not that I am qualified for anything and everything I have but by MERCY I QUALIFIED!

In this same year I got gifts that I have never gotten all my life, I mean it was like I have never done birthday before. Lol

This same year I didn’t fall sick I mean I’m prone to malaria but this year when I feel a bit down I’ll just sleep and eat and I’m back to normal, I mean is God not wonderful?

I mean I can now plan vacations to anywhere I want???? Whaoooo indeed God is in the business of turning lives around for good. Miracle working God, Promise keeper, light in the darkness, my sufficiency, my sustainer, my rock and shield.


In all honesty these confessions work like fire and every word has been fulfilled beyond my wildest imagination.

I just want to encourage someone today, trust in the Lord your God and He will show you great and mighty things that you do not know of. God remains good through any situation.

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  1. Seriously, I am writing this with tears in my eyes not because of anything but because your story moved me and gave me hope. Seriously, people always believe I have it all together but it has been God all the way. I have this assurance that everything is under control..thank God you hearken to the voice of God in you. I wish I could tell you how I feel physically, I love you so very much sis. May God continue to uphold and strengthen you in Jesus name. Amen . God got your back always sis❤️

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