Day 28: Dapo Adeleye

The year 2020 has actually been a year of purpose, calling, faith, revival, alignment and consecration for me. Out of my many experiences in 2020, I will like to share few out of them. I started 2020 knowing that it’s a prophetic year. I know it was a year to live by faith. I didn’t know the full implication but I knew it was going to require more than the normal lifestyle to live this year.

I never knew Covid-19 was going to become a global crisis like this, but in between the year I believe if we had pressed in more, we would have picked it. We were somewhere in January praying and I found myself saying, Lord we’ve never passed this road before. I remember the Lord calling me unto refueling, re-firing but January party did not allow me stay until lockdown came.

I might have to divide my experience into pre-lockdown and post lockdown. Pre-lockdown being what happened before the government imposed the first four weeks of total lockdown and post lockdown after the restrictions were removed.

I started feeling uncomfortable with my normal lifestyle of work, church, house. I knew something had to break in between. I actually knew there was more but the understanding wasn’t just opening up. I started noticing the holes and gaps in my Christian experience. The spiritual knowledge was just incomplete and inadequate for the next thing I believe God wanted me to do. So, I started pressing in for more. I discovered that I was just there but not really where I should be. I had understanding of the place I should be but there was no roadmap or compass for the journey in my hand as at that time but I made a determination to do whatever thing God would have me do to enter that dimension of God no matter what it will take.

Number one I knew I needed faith not as a thermometer but as a thermostat. Number two, I knew I needed an encounter with God beyond theoretical explanation. I knew I needed some Holy Ghost moments.

I started January with few meetings in Lagos that opened me up this year. I think I attended about 80% of WAFBEC since it was streamed online. I attended few sessions of Winepress and Mercy Conference. I knew the year was going to be different but I just didn’t know. I had not attended the school of discernment at this time. I believe discernment is required to pick things like this. Sound discernment.

Dr. Bill Winston, Mensa Otabil, Cindy Trimm, Apostle Selman plus many others had challenged me. I knew there was a catch up that I needed to do. I had some lights but they were not enough or they were not settled in my spirit.

Fast forward to February, 2020, I went for a meeting outside Lagos that was intense and stretching. I’ve never been stretched like that before.

In March, my journey to the world of faith began experientially. I met with someone who explained faith to me in a more detailed manner. The venue of the meeting was behind my office, so I had opportunity of attending both the morning and evening sessions. For me what I received from the meeting was key to the realm of faith and dimension of the supernatural that I never knew before.

So, lockdown started in March and we were all at home. I believe the lockdown was the game changer for me. I had to leave home to keep company with an Uncle that came from the UK. It was just food and drink almost all of the time but at a time I had to pray and fast in between because I knew the days ahead required such. I met a lady in February that was attending Dominion house and the moment she mentioned Pastor DotunArifalo, I said I know her. I had met her in a meeting in 2019 and that was the only experienced I had about her but it never left. We got talking and she mentioned that I should come and attend their discipleship program, and that since there is lockdown, it will be online. So, I joined o, and I just saw it as an opportunity to know what we have around in the body. Joining Pathfinder was the beginning of my adventure to the world of spiritual growth. There are mentors and the Pastors are constantly in touch with their disciples everyday. There are books to read and review everyday, chapters of bible to read, meditation on a particular scripture, podcast to listen to, praying in the spirit at least an hour everyday, Pauline prayers to pray everyday and you must report them. For me, it was a pattern and model of discipleship. It was intense and deliberate. We were always praying, Pastor Dotun can pray forever. She has the voice of the sound of many waters. You can’t hear her voice and not know her. I remembered the 10hours experience. It was purely in tongues and not that I had not prayed in tongues for that long before but praying with people was more exciting. One thing Pastor Dotun kept on saying was there is a call, she can quote Colossians 4:17, Tell Archippus take heed that you fulfillyour ministry forever. The combination of herself and her husband was just perfect. Pastor Vincent could teach forever on new creation realities. There were several encounters and experiences from those meetings. I cannot forget them in a long time. The people I was staying with just knew I was always praying in tongues.

So, during the lockdown I was doing lots of things but I wanted to shutdown few things to concentrate on things that matter. I was a house pastor, an ATS instructor, and I was in intercessory unit. So, I knew I had to drop some unnecessary assignment and focus on my calling. It was just a desire but God answered it dramatically. I was asked to drop out of ATS. I did not fight it at all. I just left, I saw it as an answer to my prayers. Oluwaseun, I knew I attended the train the trainers for a purpose and that was all. I forgot to mention that the Arifalos had started a 24hours prayer chain and they are going to be praying for the next 10 years 247.

Then, in March Adepero started A People Of Prayer group. It was a platform where we started praying for at least one hour everyday for six months. We added Bible study and book review to it later. It was a time of revival for me. I got revived personally. My awareness of purpose became clearer. Normally I know revival would come every ten years and 2020 did not disappoint. That prayer platform built a system of prayer, worship and intimacy with God. I thank God for it.

Then, during one of our book reading session, we read and reviewed The Final Quest by Rick Joyner. Reading the final quest was one of the best thing that ever happened to me this year. It is actually my book of the year. I believe every believer should read it not just once but about three times. It changed my spiritual vista forever and I have since developed a new perspective about lots of things. I remember when the author said he was told that he had prayed for his heart to be judged several sometimes ago and that was why he was given the privilege to chronicle that experience. Since then I started praying about my heart, all of the anger, jealousy, pride, envy, bitterness and malice, I started asking him to judge my heart according to the manner of Psalm 139:22-23. Prior to that time there was this feeling I had against Trump with all his wahala, I remember one day that I woke up and God was asking why was I angry at him and I was like, Trump is that and that. That was a day of surrender for me. I just gave it up and I was never angry at him from that time forward. I am still praying about other matters of the heart but that was a great surrender for me and it helped me in other matters.

There are lots of other things to share about 2020. My near death escape, supernatural provision, divine encounter and so on. I can say categorically that God answered my requests and prayers in 2020. He is my help in ages past and my hope for years to come. Thank you Jesus.

Season’s Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎁

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