It’s My Birthday!

Hello everyone, thank you for following me through the years. By September, we would be eight years, you’ve seen me grow through different stages of life and I’m grateful to God and to you for sticking with me. Although, my life is much fuller, I commit to posting at least once every month going forward.

As you already know from the title of this post, today is my birthday. One thing I really wanted for my birthday was to have a photoshoot that I had earlier this month with Dami which is an experience I’m yet to recover from. I was going to give up on having this shoot but God used Subomi to point me in the direction of this discounted shoot.

At this shoot, I was overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness, I even almost ruined my makeup with tears. At this session, I was able to travel down memory lane from twenty years ago when I lost my mum to this very moment. Mindblown! God had a plan all along. I’m definitely going to trust God more. I remember the very dark days, the pain, shame, tears, uncertainty, lack and loneliness. God was indeed keeping my every tear in His vial and I’m wowed at how He has weaved my pain into purpose. Most importantly, I’m excited and eager to see the woman I would become by following Him daily.

A lot can happen in a year with the help of the Holyspirit. In the space of twelve months, I launched The Purple Course, I’m looking forward to relaunching a new batch soon; A People of Prayer & Power group is completing her second wave of daily six months prayer and we are now morphing into an army, I am more than eager to see what this group would grow into; some of my friends and I had Spontaneous Worship; I led my church’s youth group to start a prayer chain during the civil unrest in Nigeria, we later had a very remarkable event in November, I got admission into the University of Suffolk with scholarship, my career is getting more interesting and I am so so happy because of the equipping for destiny and nation-building, I hosted Bounce Back last month as I celebrated the twenty years remembrance of my late mum. I’m grateful for other numerous testimonies that daily leave me in awe of God. What a God! Oba to to gboju le (The God that can be trusted).

Again, it pays to serve God. Please be very intentional about your walk with God. I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good.

By the way, I’m accepting birthday gifts, contact me here for details.

Thank you very much for reading and sharing.

Love. Learn. Inspire.

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