Life Lessons from my Personal Coach.

life lessons from my life coach

  Hello everyone, trust we’re all doing fabulous! I am so excited about this year 2018 winding down. It’s been such destiny defining year for me and I’m so grateful to God for all the surreal experiences this amazing year has brought me. I’ve started putting my thoughts together for #31Days31Voices. Today I want to […]

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Dear Reader…

open letter to blog readers, dear blog readers

Dear Blog reader, It is with great joy I write this much-awaited post, although I’m yet to fully articulate my emotions in words. I’ll try my best. Before I continue, I am not the same Pero you knew few weeks or months ago. I took a trip recently, which changed my whole life! Hmm… My […]

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sad and depressed

Hello everyone, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who responded to my last post. I really appreciate your support and encouragement as always. I just want to encourage us today with the word God spoke to my heart few weeks ago when I was tired, worried and stressed! It seem […]

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The Rebirth.

Hello everyone, it feels good to finally back to this blogging life, the medic life took me away from y’all for a loooong time and I totally miss you. Today on the blog, I want to share some life lessons I’ve learnt on my journey to become; It’s not a one size fit all: In […]

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I’m Grateful!

It’s been a long time coming! I am what I am today by the grace of God and because of these awesometastic people God blessed me with. They have contributed enormously to my life better than even my family members have, with these people I have learnt not to limit God and to dream without […]

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I’m Back!

Hello everyone, how have we all been doing? I’m sorry for my unexplained absence, I’m glad I’m back now. I hope you forgive me. I’m glad I am back and plans will become reality soon enough. Today’s post is by my good friend, Ogundeko Temitope it corroborated my thoughts. Enjoy and share your thoughts. Kindly […]

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Open Letter To You.

Dear Perry’s Tots Family, Happy new year again to you. How are you all doing and how has 2016 been so far? I just want to quickly share a story with you before I go back to my books, exams are knocking. I want to share the story of the life of an eagle, I […]

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My Daily Secret!

Hello people, hope we had a good Monday. 🙂 Tonight I’m sharing about the mail I get daily from Rick Warren that has helped shaped my life. I can’t remember the year I subscribed but I thought to share one of the mails with you today and you could also subscribe and sometimes share a […]

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How Sweet of Him!

Hello people, so today I want to tell you God takes note of the tiny things, He sees it all! A few weeks ago, as I was ironing one of my favourite tops, it got burnt. It hurt because I’ve not even rocked the cloth well and it was one of my best tops. It […]

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