sad and depressed

Hello everyone, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who responded to my last post. I really appreciate your support and encouragement as always. I just want to encourage us today with the word God spoke to my heart few weeks ago when I was tired, worried and stressed! It seem […]

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Can I Be Vulnerable With You?


Hello, my name is Adepero Ajayi, I am the creative and content director of Perry’s Tots. I know it’s not news but can we please start our relationship afresh? In the past few months I’ve had to  deal with a lot of things including depression, and sadly I had my worst episode ever. Depression is […]

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Life Is A Journey.

Life is a journey with twist and turns, some foreseen others unexpected. Ultimately, we just need to trust God that He has our best interest at heart. I guess the twenties are also filled with so many unplanned events and moving through life with so many questions and trying to figure out a path for […]

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Why You Should Keep A Gratitude Jar.

Why you should keep a gratitude jar

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Why you should keep a Gratitude Jar. One Thursday evening during my call I was stressed and worried then I decided to take a few minutes to write all the things I was grateful for nonstop for five minutes. It was amazing the resultant effect it had on my emotions. […]

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Hello 2018!

Hey everyone, welcome again to 2018.🎈 It’s been lovely so far, how has your experience been? This is a year I was definitely looking forward to and I am ecstatic it’s already here! You guys, I got my blogging mojo back!!!! In addition, I’m ready to rock 2018 in full force. Typing this post alone […]

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Trust Your Journey.

Each day comes with its own troubles; I hope we have the strength to truly live the life of our dreams. Living the life of our dreams is one of the daunting paths we would possibly take in life, as it is a lonely path, just like the path to fulfilling destiny. A path full […]

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In Pursuit of Happiness

Hello everyone and happy new month!!! I’m so excited to be sharing some major life lessons I learnt recently and my victory over depression. Few weeks ago, I felt really down and I was too weak to find myself. There was just so much going on, working with malignant people (my current posting is my […]

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The Rebirth.

Hello everyone, it feels good to finally back to this blogging life, the medic life took me away from y’all for a loooong time and I totally miss you. Today on the blog, I want to share some life lessons I’ve learnt on my journey to become; It’s not a one size fit all: In […]

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New Beginnings.

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! I pray God grants all our desires according to his purpose for us. It’s been a while since my last post and I’m sorry for not keeping in touch, this is the second time this is happening since I started blogging. I’ll be honest, much of 2016 was […]

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