Life Is A Journey.

Life is a journey with twist and turns, some foreseen others unexpected. Ultimately, we just need to trust God that He has our best interest at heart. I guess the twenties are also filled with so many unplanned events and moving through life with so many questions and trying to figure out a path for […]

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Life Lately & Taking Stock.

Life Lately & Taking Stock. Hello everyone, trust we are doing great. In two days, we would be saying bye to the third month of the year. How time flies. This past few weeks has been stressful for me; NYSC has been hectic and on the bright side I’ve also had time to reflect on […]

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A Simple Guide to Safe Sexual Health Practices using ABCD.

safe sex

Simple Guide to having safe sex. I have  several encounters with individuals who do not practice safe sex and I want to share about it today. The youths are the largest group of the Nigerian population and with the corresponding rise in premarital sex and its negative impact- risk of sexual infections including HIV, it has […]

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Why You Should Keep A Gratitude Jar.

Why you should keep a gratitude jar

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Why you should keep a Gratitude Jar. One Thursday evening during my call I was stressed and worried then I decided to take a few minutes to write all the things I was grateful for nonstop for five minutes. It was amazing the resultant effect it had on my emotions. […]

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Tales of A Nigerian Corper. The Adventure.

As I type this I’m at the hotel I’m lodged following the passing out of the 21days orientation program; how time flies. Before this moment… Camp became more fun filled because of my new friends and I was now accustomed to the routine. Wake up at 5am, beagle goes off at 5:30am, run to the […]

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Letter to My Future Husband

love letter to my future husband

Dear Future Husband, I can not remember the first time I met you but I’m grateful for my dear friend for seeing the vision before its manifestation. When we started our friendship I didn’t know how much you would come to mean to me, I can say I’m in love with my best friend. Since […]

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Tales of A Nigerian Corper. Wamakko Camp, Sokoto.

Hi everyone, I’ve not been able to post for the past few days because I’ve been indisposed and network walked away from our camp, it seems the backlog stress of traveling and adjusting to the new weather came falling on me. I’ve had to leave the parade ground to go to the clinic, I couldn’t […]

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