Dear Reader…

open letter to blog readers, dear blog readers

Dear Blog reader, It is with great joy I write this much-awaited post, although I’m yet to fully articulate my emotions in words. I’ll try my best. Before I continue, I am not the same Pero you knew few weeks or months ago. I took a trip recently, which changed my whole life! Hmm… My […]

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Sometimes Life Happens…

Today, my mind just kept saying “Sometimes things don’t go the exact way we plan, but it’s ok. All we need to do is pick ourselves back up when we fall, learn from every mistake, make better decisions, be our own cheerleader, believe in ourselves and love ourselves even if the world is against us.”

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Hello beautiful people, hope we’ve all been doing well. The year 2015 is slipping by quietly, sure we are making the most of our invaluable time! Do not be deceived, I’m not here to promote Asa’s new release but to share my thoughts on something interesting that struck me during my study time, although I […]

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