Perry’s Tots Meet & Greet Reminder.

Perry's Tots Meet & Greeet

Hello everyone, trust you’ve been great! I’ve been so busy ensuring we all have an amazing time at the Meet & Greet to celebrate  on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who has registered and supported so far, Perry’s Tots Fam are the best in the whole wide world and I can’t wait to have fun […]

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Perry’s Tots Fifth Blogiversary|| Meet & Greet.

perrys tots blogiversary

Hello everyone, happy new month guys!!! It’s blogiversary month and Perry’s Tots will be 5, as in 5 inspiring years. Gosh, I’m so emosh right now. I have this idea which started as a thought that I waved aside. However, I met one of my readers at an event recently and she shared how my […]

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Hello everyone, how are we all faring? Happy Blogiversary!!! Perry’s Tots is THREE! 🎆🎆 This year has been quite challenging, but your support and encouragement through it has been overwhelming. Thank you very very much, God will raise people to support you and your dreams even when challenges arise. Thank you to my amazing readers […]

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Perry's Tots is 2!

Hello everyone. Happy Blogiversary!!! Yes, it’s been two years of writing and two years of you reading my blog. How time flies… 😀 Thanks to God for inspiration to write and all the amazing people I’ve met through blogging, money can’t buy you people in the market. Thank you! Thank you very much for your […]

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Hello beautiful readers, welcome to a special edition of Perry Tots with your one of a kind host, Mz Perry *drum rolls* Sure we had a lovely weekend. In today’s edition of Perry’s Tots, we’ll all have to activate our imaginary senses. Before we continue, let’s go on a musical break, *plays Happy by Pharrell […]

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