How To Prepare for a Romantic Relationship.

Hello everyone, it’s Valentine’s Day fam😁 It’s just amazing how much love gets shared today and it gets really emotional and I’m so happy. Did you get a gift? If yes, awww so cute. If not, come here for a hug.🤗 If you’re single and you feel down, remember that the Creator who made Heaven […]

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Letter to My Future Husband

love letter to my future husband

Dear Future Husband, I can not remember the first time I met you but I’m grateful for my dear friend for seeing the vision before its manifestation. When we started our friendship I didn’t know how much you would come to mean to me, I can say I’m in love with my best friend. Since […]

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Hello people, it’s almost midnight and I just realized I’ve not posted today. It was my friend’s wedding and a drama filled day for me. It was so much fun and it made me think of changing my mind on my strictly by IV wedding. It made me think about the day everyone would give […]

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