The Purple Course

Hello, how are you doing? Hope you’re taking time to rest. Happy new month in advance!! I’m grateful to God you are here, through it all, God remains good.🤗 I have been working on this course and I’m glad I can share it with you finally. I’m so excited about the radical personal transformation that […]

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Your Gift Is Here.


Hello fam, how has your month been so far? It’s been a journey from the conception to delivery of this baby called THE PURPLE BOOK. This is not just a book but an assignment delegated to me by the Holy Spirit.  I trust the Holy Spirit to minister to different aspects of your life as […]

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Life Lessons from my Personal Coach.

life lessons from my life coach

  Hello everyone, trust we’re all doing fabulous! I am so excited about this year 2018 winding down. It’s been such destiny defining year for me and I’m so grateful to God for all the surreal experiences this amazing year has brought me. I’ve started putting my thoughts together for #31Days31Voices. Today I want to […]

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Trust Your Journey.

Each day comes with its own troubles; I hope we have the strength to truly live the life of our dreams. Living the life of our dreams is one of the daunting paths we would possibly take in life, as it is a lonely path, just like the path to fulfilling destiny. A path full […]

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