Day 3: Mayowa

I present Mayowa…Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

I wouldn’t say I’ve got a biography yet, ‘cos my life just started….still yet, so far God has been faithful, especially in 2013, I have learnt far more than I have in the first 20 years of my life.

-Life is not a bed of roses.

-Life can’t be without people, yet people aren’t to be trusted.

-Everyone wants to be successful but no one’s trying to work hard…etc

In the first month of the year, I got what I had been praying for (admission into the University)…My dad graduated from polytechnics and was the first child, I also was following that trend ‘cos I finished OND, and was determined to break outta that “Poly thing”…I prayed, wrote JAMB about 4 times but didn’t get through, then I tried “Direct Entry” just once and God did it…I was so happy, little did I know that ASUU had plans, but yet I outshined them, cos I got a job 🙂 …..outta my many mates, I can boast of having a job that has pushed me higher, that has made me responsible and daring ‘cos I did things I had not done before, I have met lot of people, of course I had always thought money was easy to make, until I started working…if I will go on and on, I wouldn’t finish, God has just been faithful!

Sad moments…I can’t say I remember anyone at all, but I’m sure every sad moments, disappointing moments, moments of failure has made me what I am today to the glory of God 🙂

In 2014, I’m looking at a better me, closer to God, ….I’m looking at starting a company which I’ve started working on already, I’ll be carrying more responsibilities which makes me a man, handling relationships better (with people generally)…I’m looking at a more fulfilled life God on my side!…HEAVEN IS REAL

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