DAY 13: Faderera

Before I introduce today’s write up, just wanna share a prayer with everyone reading this. Even as we’ve gone thus far this year, may we see the end of this series and enter the new year with joy and thanksgiving in our heart in Jesus name. Amen

A special kinda friend, a sister…Enjoy!

I’m thankful for the job opportunities I had this year, getting engaged to my wonderful fiance; for God’s love and mercy for me, my family and friends. I will say every day in 2013 has been and will continue to be a good day for me, though some days weren’t as fabulous as others but I’m grateful I woke up each day hale and healthy and slept with hopes and dreams of tomorrow.

The not so good days in 2013 were days I lost and was aware of the death of a loved one(my uncle), people I admire/look up to(Dr Adebakin) and loved ones of friends (James’s mum) and days I see very devastating news about my country Nigeria and see how far behind we are(what a pity!).

My hopes, dreams, aspirations for 2014 are plenty.
I put my life, my family’s life and all my friends lives in Jehovah’s hand for divine protection, love, mercy, favour etc.
I also hope very improving news about this country in 2014. I’m looking forward to a very politically calm 2014 (as opposed by people who believe there will be unrest in the country due to the upcoming 2015 presendential election).
I’m looking forward to trying to make a good difference in my profession where I work too and be a better person than I am!

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