DAY 23: Kanyinsola

KanyinYeti… Enjoy! 🙂

How do you summarise a whole year in a blog post?

Disclaimer: Bear with me I’m not a writer.

I started out the year happy and grateful for making it into another year, hoping to be a better person, get closer to God, leave childish things behind and the works.

Did i accomplish that goal? I DONT THINK I CAN TRULY ANSWER THAT. I’m still the same person i was last year, gained a bit of weight, learned a few lessons(bad ass lessons), but in all I’m thankful I’ve got my family, dysfunctional as they might seem they’re still here with me.

Friendships i never thought possible{names witheld} lost a couple but God dey. Did i say i think i fell in love this year x_X. . . . with Burna Boy*love struck* 😀 . I’ve had to face challenges and well, I fell short several times and I’ve also risen above some challenges.

In all, its been a good year I’ve laughed, cried, gotten pissed, smiled, frowned, been a pest, listened to great music, danced. Nope I’m not same as I was last year, I’ve grown, I’m more comfortable in my skin and I’m doing things i never thought possible. I’m alive grateful to God looking forward to 2014 and the challenges it will bring. I think I’m done. Thank you 🙂

Compliments of the Season from Perry’s tots! 😀

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