Iya ni Wura.

It’s a few minutes past 12am and I just looked through recent updates on my phone and one of my contacts just updated Happy Mother’s Day, since I saw that update, I’ve not been able to stop singing this old Yoruba song Iya ni Wura!

Here’s to all the special mothers in my life and to all beautiful mothers out there. 😀

Iya ni wura iye biye
Ti a ko le fowora
O loyun mi fosun mesan
O pon mi fodun meta
Iya ni wura iye biye
Ti a ko le fowora.

To my non-yoruba friends, here’s the translation:

A mother is like precious gold priceless beyond compare
She carried me in her belly for nine months
And bore me on her back for three years
A mother! Yes she is like precious gold
Truly priceless beyond compare

Happy Iya ni Wura’s Day! 😀

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  1. “For moments I see you sweat to make things happen,
    For the times you make me listen to your words,
    For the rebukes and love-backed corrections
    And for the prayers you make before and behind me

    Thank you my sweet Mum”

    Happy Mothering Sunday…from News Bytes ({})

  2. Thank you my dear Adepero… May the Lord honor you as you have honored me and may I be able to one day read these words about you and celebrate you as you have celebrated me… Ose o and Happy Mother’s Day to you also!

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