Forever Young.

imageHello everyone, sure you all have been awesome. I am grateful to God for another opportunity to post.

In 24 hours, I will be a year younger older. I am grateful to God, family, friends and you reading this. 🙂

A lot can sure happen in a year. All I can do is smile about it all, and words fail me to express gratitude to God, WOW! 🙂

This time last year I was recovering from a surgery and writing exams. Had new roommates who I’m still stuck with. Planned a surprise birthday for a friend. Made videos of his friends saying happy birthday and made it into a movie, little did he know there was more to come. He sat on the floor outside surprised and happy; I love making people feel loved and happy. I practically made videos at all my friend’s birthdays and I only show my face at the end saying “Hi, my name is Adepero, I made this video, this is from me to you”. My friends will never understand the beauty in capturing memories. I’m forever glad, Folasade loved the over 2hours video I made. Thanks to Ifeoma, movie editor. Lol.

Yes, I met you during the course of my year, I started Perryztots, I love you all, you are my family. This has opened doors I never thought possible. Whatever idea you have, act on it, it may not start grand or wow, just take the first step in the dark. I look forward to celebrating our bloggiversary soon.

My circle of friends expanded tremendously. Some good, some not so good. I have amazing friends I’m forever grateful to God for, sometimes I ask what I did to deserve such amazing people. Gracias Mon Amies. 🙂

I resumed public health class. There is no other department that takes you outside school like this department, guess that’s why its public health. From Action Health Incorporated (AHI) to Reginna Munndi Primary Health Care, Children Development Center, LUTH Primary Health Care, Jon Ken Hospital, Somolu Local Government Area.

Then project started, choosing a topic with no complication “Knowledge and Perception of mobile phone use to promote maternal and child health among women of reproductive age group in Mushin Local Government” until I had 400 questionnaire with 40 questions each with little research done in the mHealth field, I fell in love with mHealth along the line and it kept me going, searching and researching for articles. The number 400 was so scary but thanks to Amanda, Stella, Chimezie, Alezie, George, Tobi, Jawad, Oyinda, Moyosore, Maxy. They made me realize 400 was nothing after we shared about 380 interviewer-administered questionnaires in about 7hours. I’m forever grateful.

It’s my birthday plus exam season, I quickly took time out to share this.

I hope God is looking down on me and smiling, saying “I see my daughter fulfilling purpose” and if I have to exit life, people can say I touched their lives when I was on planet earth, I’m still work in progress though, God isn’t done with me.

I want you to be a part of my day, yes, you!I will be giving a movie ticket  to one of my friends here to see any movie of their choice with me at Leisure Mall, Surulere, Lagos. Since my birthday is on June 21, the 21st person to send me a birthday wish gets the ticket. (Mails only)

I do not know if there is going to be any party yet, but below is my BIRTHDAY WISH LIST in no particular order of desire, just in case you are thinking of what to get me. 😀

1. Cake.


2. Pizza.


3. Swatch wristwatch.


4. Camera.


5. Phone.


6. I want handwritten letters from you to me, no flattering please. If you cannot send handwritten letters, send an email to


7. Original Ray-Ban sunglasses (Black WAYFARER)


8. Shopping spree.


9. New living translation bible.


10. Something sweet and lovely. (Be creative)


Cheers to a new year!!!

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  1. Happy birthday Pero dear. God bless u and may u keep finding joy and happiness in the things u do…I’d av loved 2 try 4 d movie ticket but I’m nowhere close 2 school/leisure mall..av fun! :*

  2. Yimu…hahaha…whether you like it or not…I will see a movie with u…get another ticket…or u wont go at all….hahaha…

  3. Lol…you had 400 questionnaires and you said you shared 380,biko warapened to the remaining 20? <_< Dw,that's not all I noticed in the Happy birthday in advance. And I hope you haven't watched Think like a man too,cos that's what we're watching 😀

  4. And yes,one more thing. Just in case you don’t get up to 21 mails,I think the next criterion shud be being male with a wordpress account. #justsaying #okbye lol

  5. May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer. You’re the living proof of a statement “age is just a number”. I celebrate you!!!
    Keep the good work going. You are definately touching lives and making impacts.

  6. Lol… why didn’t I read this on the 21st and I’ll qualify to grab the ticket… lol….
    Happy birthday in advance mzz perry… hope ur wishlist was granted… lol…

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