DAY 7: Mayowa Agbelese

Wow! 2014….Great year I will say.

Most of all, I’d express my gratitude to God for been gracious, faithful, ever-loving, even in my worst of attitudes, here I am still having the chance to change the world, all by his grace. Thank You SWEET JESUS for the opportunity to be a child of the MOST HIGH.

I am not much of a story teller……but as far back as I remember I will say and please don’t mind my dictions; I hardly have more than an average score in English Language.

Life in the University is just very different or would I say I am now different??? MAYBE

I have never been an average student, not in this world….and now I feel like “Did I really feel School was my calling??” I’m sure y’all have had that same feeling; then it dawned on me that, Primary school aint like Secondary; Secondary aint like the Polytechnic as well and The polytechnic definately is not anything like the University.

So I started this year as a very lazy student. When I say lazy, I mean really lazy…didn’t wanna go for classes, even when I went, I always felt the classes were boring and unnecessary (Yea! The way most students think) and that’s the problem I was behaving like every other student, though I expected good results, nah nah I had fair ones but not as good as I intended.

Even with the Lazy attitudes and the likes, I still got a call while I was home that I was to resume as the Class Governor as at August 3rd 2014, and I was like WHAT!!!! Why me? Anyway it felt good cos I was honoured to an extent, and so far my tenure has been fine though a little lackadaisical attitude has been displayed, nevertheless I have learnt a lot from leading people; it has really thought me what patience meant, though there’s still a lot more to learn…and I will, YEA definitely.

This year has been good, miraculous and whatever nice adjective you can use to describe this year. My mum had an operation and it was successful; My fellowship with God has not really been smooth but i have been really favored by my Father; My family got better, I met a lot of great people, and definitely I’d meet a lot more, etc

But one important thing I learnt is the “IMPORTANCE OF TIME” “A Man that wastes one hour of his time, doesn’t have value for life.” This quote is what is going with me into 2015. We all have 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 52 weeks in a year, but what we do with it matters a lot, yea it really does….

While some are partying around and wasting their lives, others are writing their names into history books, some others are changing the world, providing solutions to problems, blessing a lot of lives, making exploits, building business empires, providing jobs, Impacting lives, creating a better future for the next generation, but what are we doing with ours?? FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!

Come 2015, I choose to live by this values and I am pretty sure a lot of people will benefit from them as well

·         Making a positive impact on everyone I meet and everywhere I go

·         Being a solution provider and not a part of the problem that needs to be solved

·         Being a role model worthy of emulation

·         Being the best in all that I do, particularly what i am naturally good at

·         Doing the right things at all time regardless of who is doing the wrong thing

·         Valuing time and making the best use of it

·         Caring and showing that I care through my words and actions

·         Consciously building a great legacy

·         Living a life of Integrity and honour

·         Making My Family, My Nation and my GOD proud.

I think one factor that makes people grow is constant self examination; questions like

1.       What should I start doing?

2.       What should I stop doing?

3.       What are the things I should do more of?

4.       What are the things I should do less of?

Should be asked more often to know what habits to drop, to pick up, to improve on, etc. as far as I know, Your Character determines how far you go in life.

I think I should drop my pen now.

Much gratitude goes to Ajayi Adepero. She is a rare gem, a woman of substance..I’d like to say thank you for this opportunity, God bless you, keep the flag flying!

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Seasons greetings from Perry’s Tots 🙂

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  1. Thank Bro. Timely… + December 2015 Status “mission accomplished”. God see you through. Thanks for the words..

    Happy Sunday…

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