Day 22: Abiola Samuel

Okay…I honestly don’t know where to start or even how to start, but I remember very clearly what my reaction was when Pero first told me about featuring in this. I was like “Wow! It’s that time of the year again?”.

Honestly, I think that’s pretty much how my year has been like: FAST! As in SUPER FAST! It seems like just last week when I was writing my summary of 2013 on a  blog and here I am again 1 week later(the calendar says 12 months but I’m still very skeptical). Maybe it was because I didn’t really have clear-cut and time-bound goals for the year(not like I ever did anyway) but the fact that it’s not only me that’s been complaining of the speed of the year makes me think otherwise. Anyway,enough of my whining.

I’d say my 2014 wasn’t so spectacular(definitely not my best) but it wasn’t so bad either. At least I’m alive to write this again in yet another December, which I feel is enough cause for gratefulness. Amen?

I started this year in my final year in med school which so far I’d say has been a mixture of both good and bad. The bad being majorly due to the countless number of strikes we’ve had this year alone. Our academic calendar this year has had more stops than a red traffic light, which is really annoying because not only has it lengthened my stay in school but also it has made learning difficult (when there’s strike,there are no patients and when there are no patients,med students can’t learn). The good on the other hand has to do with being in final year itself, which has also come with its fair share of fun and lasting memories. As final year students, it meant we were in the YBC(Year Book Class) of Medilag and apart from the occasional good feeling that comes with being a YBC student(boss things you know?lol), we as a class also had a number of programs we traditionally had to organize to make the year memorable and memorable they were. Don’t think I’ll forget my YBC year in a hurry that’s for sure.

My future after school still didn’t get any clearer this year but I think I got some hints over the course of the year. Practising medicine after school just seemed all the more unlikely with each passing day.

Also, part of my ‘goals’ for this year(even though I didn’t score any) was to stop being an obligate pocket-money dependant but alas, here I am still waiting for another alert from home. *sigh* On the positive side though,I think I’ve become more financially mature this year, I found myself thinking of investment options severally instead of just ‘prodigalizing’ my money as I usually would.

And then relationship-wise, I didn’t get any less single this year than I was last year although the number of queries I got as to my ‘singularity’ increased drastically, but at least I’ll say there was an improvement in my prognosis this year. Even though getting into a relationship wasn’t really on the top of my to-do list this year,I eventually found myself actually making attempts to change that. I mean,I caught feelings a couple of times, even though things didn’t just work out(and no,it wasn’t the friendzone :|). I’m not really bothered cos I know all good things are worth the wait. When she’s ready,she’ll come 😉

In all, 2014 wasn’t bad and even though it still seems to have brake failure, I’m thankful for the memories and lessons learnt and also for the good relationships I’ve built this year. Hoping for a better 2015 nevertheless.

In fact,it looks good already but I won’t spill much here. Stay tuned for the testimonies. Ciao!

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Seasons greetings from Perry’s Tots! 🙂

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