DAY 24: Jesufemi

Thanks Ms Pero for this opportunity….Err this isn’t going to be as good as me talking but enjoy still. ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t know how possible it is to summarize all that has happened in one whole year here but I’d try..

2014 started rather slowly and unlike other years I had started breaking my new year resolutions by the 2nd week(in fact about half didn’t make it past June). I was eager to start 500 level because I had heard so much about community health being being a breath of fresh air from clinics and calls plus I’ve always had a soft spot for preventive medicine. It wasn’t overhyped except that it was not as free as I thought, there was always this presentation, that proposal ,some group work to do then project (hmmn thank God I’m done now). In community heath I got to do a lot of interesting things like getting my first acting role as “Nurse koks” to giving funny health talks Nollywood better get ready.

My highlight of the year was the trip to pakoto asides from being away from all the hustle of medical school and spending time with classmates, it opened my eyes to see the practice of medicine should be a ministry. Another clinical rotation I enjoyed was psychiatry. I can say after part 1 this is another year in medical school I’ve enjoyed.

2014 was emotionally tasking for me I had a lotta outbursts this year, I built higher walls around me, I took a lotta good people forย  granted ๐Ÿ™ I apologize please I hope I’m forgiven. I learnt more about business and how business on the street goes #no love o. You really have to be ready for everything and anything. I tried to be more less rigid in my opinions and to read more books this year too.

Finally for the most part of this year each day I kept thinking about all the things I had not achieved and that after living this long there was very little to show for it (you’d think I’m 100years old). But as I was thinking about what to write concerning all that has happened this year, I realized that I had done much more than I even set out to do and I had been too blind to notice because they didn’t come in ways I had expected. I have a clearer understanding of what the song “count your blessings” really is about. We worry so much about the things we haven’t done yet, the people we haven’t met yet, the places we haven’t been to yet and all the other “haven’tย  yets” and forget those daily tiny winnie sometimes huge blessings we didn’t deserve but we got.

So instead of complaining about my million “should haves and should be’s in my endless I’m not there yet list I’m choosing to take a step back and be grateful for life, for everyday, for my wonderful family, for love (yes for love;) for awesome friends, for food and birthdays for sleep, for disappointments (without them we won’t strive to be better) , I’ve chosen to be happy with where I’ve been ,what I am now and grateful for where He’s taking me.

2014 was a wake up call I’m glad its almost over and its ending on a great note. Incase you haven’t , go take stock *in Asa’s voice *it’s not too late to be grateful.

I pray 2015 is a better year with good health, peace, free and fair elections (vote wisely) and less industrial actions. Till then Merry

Happy Christmas eve and Happy anniversary to my Mum and Dad :*

Seasons greetings from Perry’s Tots! ๐Ÿ™‚

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