Day 28: Tolulope Olanrewaju

My CMDA friend! 🙂 Enjoy
“…this is gonna be the year I get my money right…”

-Me, somewhere in the church auditorium at a little past 12am on January 1, 2014.

“…loool.. who was I kidding back then…”ߘ°ߘ銭Me, sitting on my bed preparing this writeup.

Good stuff:
Out of the really interesting stuff I got to do and learn this year, “deliberately meeting new people” was one I’m pretty excited about. Fam, I met some really fantastic people this year. Although for some of them I’m yet to understand the exact role(s) we’re meant to play in each other’s lives, I’m enjoying the knowing process as it were so yeah that’s one good stuff for me.
I got to understand myself better this year especially as it relates to my personality and how to work better with people. I mean this year, I got closer to my siblings(yeah, we were sad before!).

Challenging stuff:
Okay, so over time I’ve come to understand that challenges are absolutely relative. I mean one man’s Goliath is another’s David and vice versa so yeah I’m sorry if my challenges disappoint you. ߘ First of all and probably most significant is my “selection” as the Chapter President of the CMDAStudents of my school. See, I  really had no idea how to go about the responsibility but when God says “…fear not I am with you always…”, friends best beli’e that! We found the way out of every challenge as He promised. Secondly, “MDCN struck”. Accreditation issues meant my class had to be batched. I made the second batch which put me a couple of months behind my colleagues. Of course that was a blessing in disguise.  Lest I forget, “keeping my resolutions”…oh boy… that one, let’s just say thank God for mercies.

Not so good stuff:
Well, what can I say? I endured a couple of sad stuff this year. There is after all, “…an evil sufficient for each day…” so yeah homeboy was cheated, heartbroken, broken, ati beebe lo. Lol.

Hopes, dreams and all that fancy stuff:
Well…graduation and induction as as a medical doctor is pretty up there amongst them. Also, “manz” should probably “love up” for real next year…I mean bae, if you’re reading this, biko do well and come let us er…*insert loveword here*ߘŠ

Thanks a lot Adepero for letting me do this. You’re one of those fantastic people in paragraph one. God bless you dear! ߘ؊

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  1. Awww.. “u r one of those fantastic people in paragraph one” and Pero “blushes” for that complement ( blue cheeks, red cheeks, pink cheeks) Lol…

    Happy Sunday…

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