Day 3: Music


Hi everyone, today’s assignment is about me writing three most important songs in my life and what they mean to me, so I’ll have to reveal my musical life to you, please don’t judge my type of song.

I cannot state three most important songs in my life because I love so many, but I can write on my three latest favorite songs.

– Fall in Love ft Stan Iyke.

It reminds me of my first visit to Bogobiri during the SocialMedia Week, he had performed the song and I was thrilled! I love love and I can’t help it, my imaginary world doesn’t help matters. I love songs with Yoruba or Igbo lines in them; it gives the song a deeper meaning to me. The next time I heard the song played on the radio I leaped from my bed and my roommate looked at me in surprise. I had wished I could get the song on my phone the day he performed but I left before the end of the program because it was getting late. I was overjoyed when i finally got the song from a friend and it was my ringtone for a long time. 🙂  I like that the guy is putting in a lot of effort to win the girl’s heart, trying to know what exactly he can do to make the girl fall in love with her.

– Mo lo soko by Tunji Oyelana.

Of late, I’ve been listening to some old school songs, so this qualifies in that category as one of my favorites.
As I typed the title, I had a big smile on my face with my ears plugged listening to this song for the infinite time, lol. It reminds me of Ole Ku, if you were born then, hehehe, it’s a Mainframe video. You remember Asake and her plenty toasters, Yemi Shodimu finally became her beau. I love the depth of the Yoruba in this song; it tickles me each time I listen to it. It talks on the fact of life without mincing words.

– Moving On by Asa

This list is incomplete without any of Asa’s song here. I love the Yoruba seasoning in her songs, her quiet and gentle voice and lyrics. I listened to Bed of Stone until it became a pathology.
I love the rhetorical questions in this song, the fact that you have to encourage yourself when you feel someone should be there. The self-motivation to continue nonetheless.

Have a lovely day!:)

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