I Promised… 5

I almost promised…

I almost promised to be perfect. I almost promised to totally be a new person; one without flaws or weaknesses. One envied by all and second to none. Every time I get within touching distance of promising, I realized it is a dehumanizing burden. Perfection is reserved for superior beings. Perfection is having no regrettable past and a crystal clear future. I can’t be perfect; it’s beyond the grasp of mortal. We can only push boundaries and test limits.

2015 has been just another year. The usual balancing of school and non- school stuff. Truth is I am an unrepentant academic bibliophile and I have lived a satisfactory boring life thus far this year. However I have had to deal with several personal issues that were challenging to say the least. These constraints have made me evaluate how much developments I have made in my inter-personal relationships and the necessary catch up to be done. The reality of being a doctor in a few months’ time, a real, licensed doctor, capable of making decisions that could determine the fate of another fellow human, is one that had also troubled me going to sleep every night. It was by my interactions with superiors in the thick of it that I realised my concerns were rational and the clinical dexterity comes with the experience.

I admire people of principles even if I largely don’t fit into the category. Setting goals, having goal-related deadlines, evaluating your progress at every landmark, it is actually marvellous and enviable seeing people live and succeed in this manner. The truth is, we as humans vary markedly in ideologies, tact and survival. We can’t all be same; evolution already worked that for us. My point is, having to live your life on a strict schedule might not generally be your thing evidenced by your numerous efforts and failures. At this stage of our lives, we know the fundamentals to keep us on the right path towards our goals. Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you you. Don’t live by another person’s rules that would adversely affect your functioning. Do whatever sails your boat. Value friendships and relationships. Make time for family. Make time for God. Make time for yourself.

Love and learn. 🙂

Damilola Balogun

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  1. “having to live your life on a strict schedule might not generally be your thing evidenced by your numerous efforts and failures”

    Nice one(s).. Thanks..

    God favour you always Dami. 🙂

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