I Have A Confession.


Hello everyone, how did your day go? Mine ended with a big smile on my face and  lessons learnt.

First. It’s exam season for me, so I’ve been quite busy with school and sometimes it can get overwhelming, that isn’t why I’m sharing this though. Let me get to the crux of this. I had a friend who had another friend that I usually just say hello too… lol, I’m usually very careful in making new friends. I was so careful I tried not to get so close for a few years now until recently when we just got closer, I don’t know how, it just happened. The new friendship has been so cool and spiritually uplifting! It is all shades of awesometastic! When I feel tired and weak, I just get a call that uplifts my spirit and I’m like “Wow! Dear Pero please stop being too careful! ”

Second. Today I got a message from my project supervisor, we’ve not spoken in about a year. I was weary of opening the chat on Whatsapp. I said to myself, “Why will she send me a message after a year? I’ve completed my project so why is she sending me a message. I have exams now, I can afford to chat cos probably she’ll want me to help with project work.”
I was totally wrong and I was ashamed of my thought pattern. I decided to finally open the message and she only sent the message to inform me that my research  that I presented at a conference last year has been published in a medical journal!!!! She sent a message to congratulate me and asked to stop by her office for a copy.

So lessons learnt:

– Don’t be too careful in life.
– Assumptions ain’t the best. *I never knew I could assume to this extent*

What did you learn today?

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