How Sweet of Him!

Hello people, so today I want to tell you God takes note of the tiny things, He sees it all!

A few weeks ago, as I was ironing one of my favourite tops, it got burnt. It hurt because I’ve not even rocked the cloth well and it was one of my best tops. It saves the day when I don’t know what to wear. I pushed the tiny heartbreak aside every time I tell myself “How many clothes do I have that this top had to burn.”

Guess what Fellas!

Few weeks later, my aunt told me she had a top for me when next I visited, she forgot to bring it on that visit. It didn’t boot one bit. Several weeks passed cos of school activities. I finally visited this week and I had a wide smile when I saw my new top. It was so beautiful. I loved it so much I wore it the next day.

As I was about to change for the night, I stood in front of my mirror and I heard a voice say to me God sees it all, the big, small and minute of everything.

It is so reassuring that He sees it all, he hears your whispers and heartaches.

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