Introducing 31 Days 31 Voices.

Hello people I’m sorry this post is late but I’m going to post it anyway.

The December series titled 31 Days 31 Voices starts in less than fifteen minutes. In case you’re wondering what it’s about…

It is a series where we have guest writers that share; the good, bad, challenges, lessons,  ugly, beautiful times of the present year(2015), hopes and expectations for the coming year (2016).

This is to take stock of 2015 to be thankful regardless of the not so good times and walking in faith and expectant for the coming year; and to encourage someone. 

I must say, the mails I’ve received has been touching, educative and inspiring. I’ll encourage you to read everyday and learn something or meet someone new. Gracias

The first post goes up in a few minutes! 😀

Happy new month in advance beautiful readers. I love you so very much! Xoxo

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