Day 2: Kanayo Dike-Oduah

Kanayo is a wonderful lady I met on twitter inspiring thousands with her words and life with God receiving all the glory. I hope to meet her physically someday when I travel to her country! 😀
Thank you for choosing me to be a part of something so cool and impactful. God bless you x

What a turbulent year 2015 has been for me.
I’ve had an abundance of joy and moments of sorrow.
I’ve been spiritually weak and I’ve been spiritually strong.
I’ve been rejected and I’ve been accepted.
I’ve let myself down and I’ve made myself proud.
I’ve let God down and I’ve made Him smile on me.
I’ve made some silly decisions and I’ve made destiny-preserving decisions.
I’ve loved and I’ve hated.
I’ve felt low and I’ve felt tall.
I’ve been broken and I’ve been made whole.
I’ve been hurt and I’ve been loved.
I’ve overcome and I’ve felt like a loser.
In it all, I give thanks to God…
For keeping me.
For being my glow.
For being my Source.
For being my Defence.
For His discipline with Love.
For making me more than a conqueror.
For giving me Courage and Strength.
For His blanket of comfort.
For His Perfect Peace.
For the weight of His Word, keeping me grounded.
For His Faithfulness, even in my rebel ways.
For saving me from my pre-mature desires and maturing me in the process.
For teaching me to love again, to hope again and to stand tall again.
For removing every dead weight that I was trying to hold on to.
For surrounding me with His beautiful children, where I found safety in their Godly counsel.
I thank God for what He will do in 2016.
As Yaweh, ‘I Am’. Forever in my Past, Present and Future. I trust Him with 2016.

Twitter: @doctorkanayo


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  1. I just saw “my 2015” up there and I said in my heart “Jesus! ” and smiled…

    His discipline with love reminds me that “to love of Jesus isn’t the love we speak. If you keep hurting Him and He keeps loving you?!”


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