Day 8: Coco Grace Ekpo

Today is Gracie’s birthday, happy birthday from all of us at Perry’s Tots! We love you. 😀
When Adepero pinged me about this year’s edition, I was first ashamed because last year I missed my deadline and after that came the fear….I’m not a very good writer and its not been a particularly eventful year.

I don’t know where to start; do I start from the depressed broken girl I was on New Year day? Or do I start from the redefined me? One thing is certain it’s been a roller coaster year and I have grown.

2015 started on a sad note for me, I had just received a mail telling me that a queried diagnosis was right and I was to undergo a surgery. I researched all the possible complications and cried myself sick expecting the worst, I couldn’t talk to anyone about it and neither could I pray. I just faked my smiles whenever needed and continued dying inside until something changed.
It’s been months since that change happened, I have started my business, passed my exams and don’t require a surgery anymore (it was a misdiagnosis, whew!)What changed you ask? I did, I can’t explain it but my focus changed, I stopped looking at the problems and my failures.

But I have jumped,

Sometime in January, I had concluded I was going to die anyway, that I was a failure and that I wasn’t worth the money that was to be spent on my medical bills… I started contemplating suicide and that dark dark day, I sat in my room with the pills in my hand and almost took them until my friend Aisha called me and something she said made me go back to my roots…..she reminded me that I was a Christian with a long life ahead of me and to seek a second medical opinion.

2015 was a roller coaster year, I can say that I grew up and emerged a woman with a better focus and outlook for life that I have learnt to look for the silver lining. I made new friends and rekindled old ones, I learnt the virtue of patience (oyekunbi forced me to! She’s a pest, the worst kind).

As I turn a year older today I am grateful to my loving friends (especially Jibs and Seyi) for always encouraging me and listening to my worries. Thank you Funky for showing me I can be better. I am grateful for this year and looking forward to the next…It can only get better from here.

And now I am free from Pero’s side eyes, happy birthday to me( yippee !!!)

Merry Christmas and Happy 2016 in advance.

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Season’s greetings on Perry’s Tots. 😀

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  1. This was so inspiring.Thank God you are still around and I pray u will be for quite awhile.What doesn’t kill you makes u stronger.Have a belated birthday Grace♡

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