Day 14: Ajibike Gbajabiamila


Hmmn, 2015!!! Where do I start from? The very beginning I guess.

Well the year started beautifully for me, on the first day, that is, but as January came into full blossom it was a little slow and sad, because I had to make decisions to let go of some friendships and chase after God more diligently. Of course it wasn’t easy, but God was faithful and things went on smoothly.

My birth month was February, I made a wish list of things I wanted and prayed over it, though I didn’t get any encouragement from people around me. Sounds weird right, I know. Guess what! To the glory of God, I got most of the important things I wanted and I had the most beautiful birthday ever.

As the year went by, God answered my prayer to experience him in a new way, by showing himself to me in a lot of ways. I learnt to trust him although I wasn’t very faithful, I fell a number of times but he kept picking me up and holding me up. Financially God was really amazing and I just can’t complain.

I’m thankful for God’s faithfulness and provision, I’m also thankful for my family and close friends because God saw us through a lot of things and we came out victorious. Also thankful for my immediate big sis, because we formed a closer bond this year and she also experienced God’s faithfulness and wonders.
Finally, I’m thankful for the special person God brought into my life just as the year was rounding up. I wasn’t expecting it; he really is one in a million.

So what lessons have I learnt? I learnt to trust God no matter what, and never to trust in the strength of man or man himself, because there is just so much they can do. I also learnt to never place myself above were people have placed me in their lives, i.e. never see myself as more than I am to them.

Challenges I faced: the first was in 500 level, I had to sit in one spot for hours receiving lectures, I could barely grasp what the lecturers were saying as the lectures were boring and I wasn’t reading so well therefore notes were piling up. By the time Prose (professional exam) came, I had a lot of work to do. I got really scared of writing the exams and on the morning of the exam I was so nervous and had to keep praying till we were asked to start. As usual, God came to the rescue and I’m proud to say I’m now a final year medical student. I also had to do my project and the field work was something else entirely. Convincing the drivers I was to work with to participate wasn’t easy but, God sent me helpers and I was able to conclude the work, submit on time and got to defend with the second batch.

My greatest challenge however was in leading the ushering unit of my fellowship. I wasn’t new to it, but this year was just different. It took a lot and I honestly was ready to quit because I felt like a failure and I was just tired. My faithful father in heaven came to my rescue when I thought it was the end and now I’m getting the hang of it, because he taught me “love solves it all”.

Good times were a lot, but I’ll mention a few; I enjoyed learning to drive with my partner in crime Doyin, also I enjoyed my urban and rural posting to Pak city, because I got the opportunity to bond with some of my classmates I wasn’t very close with, another good time was at the Night of worship, a yearly concert held by my church, Joshuaville, it was an amazing experience. I also enjoyed being on my first bridal train ever, thanks to my friend Tobi Foli, me and my girls enjoyed every minute of it.

Hmm bad times, the only significant ones were periods of emotional stress and when I almost lost a dear friend, because of a silly misunderstanding that led to a serious fight but all of that’s history now.

My hopes, dreams and aspirations; in 2016, I hope to be a more focused student in final year. I plan to graduate with distinctions which I’ve never had throughout my years in medical school. I’m aspiring to be a better person in all areas of my life and to have a deeper walk with God.

Happy New Year in advance to all Perry’s Tots readers.

Thanks Ms Perry for this opportunity, I’ve always dreamt of doing this. God bless you.

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