Guess who's back!

Hello everyone, so good to be back! How have we been doing? Well, if you’re in Nigeria I hope the economy, heat and fuel scarcity isn’t getting a better part of you?

Thanks for your love, prayers, encouragement and kind words during my exams, I wished those words could substitute for all the hard work I had to Thank you!

For me, aside exams and stress, I met one of my readers after chatting for months and it has been amazing! The first day we sat down to talk, we went on and on for hours, you sure don’t know whose life you’re touching by being you. 🙂

My year just practically started and I want to start ticking stuff off my 2016 to-do-list.

What have you been up to, I really want to know? It’s the third month of the year already!!!


Before you go, do you like the new look of the blog?

Till next time, Love, Learn, Inspire.
Much Love.Xoxo

Happy new month. 😀

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  1. love, learn and inspire …
    welcome back Perry. Blog looks pretty cool.missed Perry’s tot. and I need to get used to love learn and inspire unlike “life happens to everyone”.

    what brought about the change in motto?

    congrats for the success of your exam, we will all have the last laugh. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. I really had my life going and checking things off my 2016 to-do-list till school started. You know how medical school can be… Now I’m just reading book, attending class and clinic *sad*

    “You sure don’t know whose life you’re touching by being you” True. Good to have you back *Gummy bear hug* 😀

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