Day 1: Queen Aduragbemi #MyMBBSJourney


  Thank you Perry’s Tots for having me here to share an itsy bit of my Med. school memory. My MBBS journey won’t be possible without my only true Lover and friend, My Creator and Redeemer and I give Him all of the glory and honour. HALLELUJAH.

  My name is Oyemola Aduragbemi and I am not a good writer but I will try to be a great tour guide today as I take you on a short stroll down the memory lane of  Her Royal Majesty! (King twaG, hehe). So here we go, please enjoy the ride:

Diploma: “The JJC room”. In this room of all shades of fun and jest was the princess born. As I entered the lecture hall full of several (almost 100) unfamiliar heads heading to my semi permanent seat, I thought to myself “the game (hustle) just started” with a  flash view of my mother telling me its first class CGPA she wants o (they all say that as if it’s beans). I started my diploma late so on my day 1, Tolu Adeoya, who I already called to say I was coming, led me to a seat she kept for me which later became my semi-permanent seat and put me through the starters pack of lectures and orientation and that started the journey. From registration to buying of manuals and coats to meeting new friends (Jesufemi, Tolu Abidogun, Funke Osisami, Kene Ojiako, Kunle Dosunmu, Bidemi Adeshina,Nehita, GB, to mention just a few), that became my good friends. Moments of my entropy, buying food at red bricks and all sort of ‘waka’(movements), going to Femi’s or Tolu adeoya’s room to gist and eat  (a lil amebo on the side) and funny videos. From the zoology labs, chemistry labs to physics labs ( where i met Yande Agbolanhor, Ibukun and Tobechukwu) walking to library, the new hall hostel, Emerald  hostel to Ozolua. As a princess, I was quite troublesome and volatile too (some people can’t tell that story). The exams came, I don’t even know how I passed but it happened.
P.S: GB,I didn’t make a guy cry don’t pass on that story please. In other news, What were we thinking wearing those dead combinations we thought was cool. My Gad! Say no more!

200L: “glorified JJC room”. Diploma+UME collaboration.  Segregation and drama that made me think of how long we have come as a class . Personally, it was a good year to be as blank about medical school as I was till my 3rd incourse especially for anatomy. The biochemistry laboratory ( I can never forget the drama with one of the lab. Attendants, haha) and reports , anatomy lab. With my lovely group 13 members). I still don’t know how God did it that I passed sef but that big Guy does a perfect job. Met new friends here too like Ngozi Chukwudifu. As always, from life at radiography hall, living in block 4,  the over sabi classmates to the ‘lovers’ and PBL presentations and Dr.Osinnubi’s exaggerated emphasis at lectures, the gist never ends. Prose came, veni vidi,vici… Let’s go on into the next room.

300L: “Reality check room” The class where “people” start to tell you about how hard medical school can be and how people fail or drop out. I would not say it was a benign class, believe me I have my testimonies but guys need to chill and give words of encouragement sha. I call it my reality check room cause at this point I had to put into perspective my aspiration, personal growth and relationships. To become Royalty, you have to check that and be sure you are on the right path. As I narrowly escaped in 200 level, I had to fasten my seatbelt in this class, check my views of opinions and settle what I needed to know about my strength academically . It wasn’t easy but it was the start of something good. The great Prose (just like the movie 300)was around the corner, in all the stress and hard work I had a good reason to laugh hard. This period saw the test of friendship as some got slyed (life is a journey of one) and some got saved. Hehe. In the eve of Pros late nights, friends like Tope, Vicky and Iwa were showing their sleeping abilities  (shh,I didn’t say anything o). I learnt one true fact in this times; you can never be totally prepared for Prose, never! Only God gives the grace to finish strong and great. Pros came: in the words of Julius Caesar, veni vidi, vici and so did my friends. Yaay!!. Moving on…

400L: “siddon-relax room” (sit down and relax). After a blaudy 300 and it’s downsizing I had to chill small na and taste the feeling of the becoming. The becoming of a Doctor, the becoming of a new Me, the becoming of Her Royal Majesty . No more long white (LAB.) coats, all traded for a new ‘robin-white’ CLINICAL coat. Pockets and bag filled with new stethoscope, patella hammer, pen torch, Hutchison/Falase/Oxford (some people sabi carry all 3 or 2 of 3). Learning about history taking, examination, diagnosis, and new terms. Seeing how some of what we learnt in basic medical sciences came alive in the hot clinics and long ward rounds was fun. I also learnt some more about myself, my skills, strength and communication skills .
My class was beginning to look like Nigeria, divided along its tribal differences yet a beautiful perfect fit, as we were trying to understand our differences in our various postings ( I must say the postings helped). We had the first class outing tagged “Project Bond” the name explains it all, hehe. Sea school was so much fun! Bellewa (balewa) boys, Anima (amina) house, Danfo boys (Danfodio) house and that lying old man.

500L: “PenUltimate room” the caterpillar is shedding its cocoon and a butterfly is about to be free. In one hall and all together again we worked in our small groups to prioritise, choose and  create a sustainable solution to an health related problem (HMPD) among other things. I had a very stimulating year as I learnt to work on analysis so as  to complete my project, learnt about community participation and services at Pakoto and the urban posting. I learnt about respecting, understanding people’s view on health and well being, how to help affirms good practices and debunk myths and harmful practices carefully in other to provide healthcare In my little way, this year have me the giddy feeling of adding value to someone’s life through our mini outreach and talks.. It got me thinking about life after medical school, life beyond the walls of a clinic or structures of health care and about the health system and knowledge gap and it’s need too. I loved every moment this year (P.S: it’s not as chilling as people claim it is, I don’t know who started that rumour).
As a class we had “Royal Rumble” and finally had some bonding. The becoming of Royals XV .

600L: *drum rolls* in this room we coronated Her Royal Majesty Oyemola Aduragbemi. Stop hating and clap na. Finally in the class of the oldest clan in College of Medicine, University of Lagos. The postings started and the dissing on wardrounds and clinics too. I must say, I cherish the women I had as my group study members: Anthonia, Ifunanya, Sylvia, Becky, Dolapo and Dami Oyedele. Thank you guys so much. The last medical student exam I was going to write was around the corner and I still wasn’t sure of what and what not to read up till 3 weeks into my finals, well, Pros came again for the last time and veni vidi vici. The details of those 3 weeks can’t be totally expressed in any other words but to say “ it’s all God at work”.

Most of all, I’ve become the resilient, well rounded individual I am today through those years. I admit my weakness and there is more to learn, relearn and unlearn. I thank God for the woman I am, the great minds I have met and the lessons I have learnt, I’m assured the future can only be brighter for us all.
Now, I can look forward to my graduation and convincing all those people counting years in University for me that I’m was actually studying medicine, lol.

Excuse me. No, I can’t take deliveries or suture those cuts yet; no, I can’t do a Caesarean section for Pete’s sake and no again, only God can raise the dead not me. That’s a shame on CMUL not me, just give me a few moments in internship ehn then you ‘ll see the difference. Hehe.


Yeah, so here ends this particular ride, thank you for staying with me, I remain your happy tour guide HRM Oyemola Aduragbemi for Royals XV. Please raise your glass to a beautiful journey and an even greater future! See you at the top *winks*

  Merci beaucoup, HRM ‘Pero Ajayi.

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  1. I’m proud of you all especially you Adura, Ngozi (I know she’s still writing exams), Anthonia, Sylvia (my friend from afar) and Dolapo…. Here’s a toast to better days ahead!!!
    About suturing et al, you go suture tire for housemanship (if you’re still as aggressive for procedures)… if you escape that, you won’t escape it in NYSC, trust me!
    By the way, it’s Grace… I’m sure you won’t recognise my pen name.
    Welcome to the Doctors’ club!!

  2. Great work Pero!! Succeeding in the MBBSJourney is one sign that with perseverance one can conquer at anything else…seriously!

  3. Thank you. Ama. Hehe as in o! Working out my hand muscles for the work before me. Hehe. Thanks once again, MY SENIOR COLLEAGUE

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