Day 7: King Olaoluwa #MyMBBSJourney

They say, “We don’t remember days in Life, We remember moments”. The past five years including diploma year – they said we were not students in diploma – have been an experience.  “Hunger games” I called it when asked to name it like a movie. The struggle was live! I honestly don’t know how I survived; God was just faithful to this boy. This journey humbles the proud, unserious ones like me became fairly serious, atheists became believers; it was that serious. First, the joy of gaining admission, leaving your house to enjoy all the good things of university life you have heard about to getting here and beginning the struggle of trying to remain in the dream.

Diploma was long and annoying; the friends I made there are the ‘realest’ guys I know. The lecturers were mostly annoying and I still can’t fathom why I kept attending, maybe it was because money cannot waste. Anyway, it came and went which I was grateful for.

Then we finally became students! We crossed over to LUTH. I’m grateful to Banjo Omojomi and SP; my father figures who were very key and helped to settle in. This luxury however made me unserious. No time for the boring biochemistry, physiology lectures and Prof. Osinubi’s stories, when football manager and PES gave me comfort.
Then failure came along, Ah! I failed o! Man had to change his ways. First professional exams, I became the original ‘Omo Jesu’, the struggle to pass was real but God did it; I passed!

Part 2 again, I did not learn my lesson; thank God for Kanyinsola and Mani, they saved my attendance’s life. This year was even better Mr. Mike increased my seriousness. Another professional exam came, and the ‘Omo Jesu’ in me resurrected. I cannot forget the surprise in people’s eyes and their reactions when they heard that I passed my professional exams. I did not know that I was that bad. Personally, I’m happy that I was not serious in part 1 and 2 seeing as I enjoyed myself and still made it through.

Clinical school was like the beginning of my student life. Something just entered my head and I decided to become serious. Going to school was not as easy as I thought o but step-by-step, day-by-day, we persevered. “Percussions” in the ward rounds and clinics made me regret not going to school in pre-clinicals. But with my nonchalant attitude, all the remorse left immediately I entered my room.

Community health and my true self came out, people said Mani influenced me, I don’t know, maybe you just did not know me enough. Ajagz, Mani and I did great things together. Pakoto, boring classes and project. It was all fun. YBC elections and the birth of Royals XV. Kudos to the team. It’s not easy, stubborn people like me made it tough but you guys did it.

Ghen Ghen… Electives; the revelation. Applied for electives to go and “chill” in Pretoria. What I experienced there changed me. I grew from the nonchalant boy to the man I am now. If you see your mates and juniors in other schools doing stuffs ehn! “All your hand will fall and all your brain will open”. I decided during electives to improve myself during my finals and so as to become a better professional, at least for my family. Shout out to my people, Team Pretoria; Seyi, Rahman, Yusuf, GKK, Ada, Laju and Mani. You guys are the best. By the way, Seyi saved my life in Pretoria, I cannot forget. Electives helped me greatly and it was mad fun.

YBC was the longest, busiest and most memorable year. Serious boy started, I attended school o to the extent that I even became group rep. It was all worth it at last. Results made sense.
Incourses, End of Postings, Long cases, Professional Exams all came, one at a time, one step at a time, God saw us through. We are now at the end of the long journey.
In all this, I met a lot of wonderful people, a lot of brilliant minds, made great friends. There were a lot of happy moments with my friends, memories I will continue to cherish, there were also sad moments like the “rapture” in year 2 and 3 and other moments which I won’t even like to talk about, all these strengthened me to become who I am today.
I’m grateful to Pero for this opportunity, she’s such a wonderful person, thank you.

Olaoluwa Adebajo.

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  1. Aww Laolu I see you! I cannot forget that faithful day too. Thank God. I enjoyed your write up. Weldone

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