Day 15: King Ayoola Arigbabu #MyMBBSJourney

Hello. My mbbs journey dates back to September 2008 when I came into this great institution as a young secondary school leaver ready to discover more about the world.

The university is a place of growth, if you come in for a 4 year course you don’t leave the same not to talk of a six year program ( you must moult). 

I am breaking my story into 7 parts representing each of my seven years in school. (Almost 8).


First year – Hot into Unilag to study medicine from ISL with so much ease I assumed I could handle Uni just as easy as I entered, played through my first year, did some church activity (MSSF thanks to my roomies Jide and Olisa thanks guys you don’t know but you kept me from a whole lot of evil within the walls of unilag). Thankfully I crossed over to the great idiaraba with a let my people go result. 

Second year (1st part 1). Started off real smooth, everyone trying to discover themselves. Suddenly it wasn’t physics chemistry and biology but anatomy physiology and BIOCHEM (to the younger generation, Biochem is easy it’s just the same way they said furthermaths was difficulty just focus and don’t listen to the crowd). Had loads of fun in my first part one, went out a lot chilled a lot, hung out with friends and found the love of my Uni life ( or life only LIFE knows that). I was drunk on the night of feb 11 my main guy Chyke’s birthday and I saw this beauty sitting alone so I chose to keep her company when I was sober she was still as charming and beautiful and I said a lot of foolish things. Anyway back to my story, I had loads of fun and I failed my first pros flat out all resits cleared two but had to repeat cos of Biochemistry. It should be noted at this point that resiting an exam or repeating a class doesn’t define one’s success in life.

Second part one ( birth of the lone wolf in me): did what I had to do as it was my last attempt at the pros, went clubbing for the first and only time didn’t like it, did many things for the first time as I was now alone and my guy had moved on to part two and I didn’t want to get kicked out of unilag without saying I flexed to the fullest so I went out of my way to look for fun and trouble and yeah I found both. This was also the year I realized that in medical school, many of your friends brothers and sisters who you start with would fall out, if you are lucky enough to make it through never look down on them it could easily have been you even if you are the “effico” of the class. Humble yourself and move on with your matric no. (Thank you Sandra Akinde for letting me photocopy your notes)

Part 2 and yeah I made it through the last attempt with a new OT that if you do what you had to do academically, you could still catch your fun.  This year was pretty uneventful except that I got closely knit with some of my guys who we worked together in part one but didn’t make it through ( but are all making it in life now). Had a few resits again and this time I cleared. 



Part 3/4 pretty chilling years. Had loads of fun meet many great friends who for one reason or the other I would forever Cherish. (Only year I didn’t have a resit was part 4)


Part 5: did everything as I was told and knew to do, went to school, went for ward activities and did all that. Had fun too with all the final year activities. In the end results were pasted and I still bagged two resit. 

So my mbbs journey ends six weeks from the day of the final result but I know it’s over. 

The school has gotten long and boring for me and I am in dire need for more activity I’ve been in school since I was born but then life itself is a school and we need to keep learning. 

My message to the juniors is be yourself, do your thing there is no helper out here it’s just you and your number. 

To my friends colleagues and contemporaries. Try to be your brothers keeper, look out for one another and must importantly don’t burn bridges. Remember that the real life out there is a leveller, and it’s not just academics you should  get out of Uni, get some street OT whatever way you can.

S/o to my day one niggars- Tayo Chyke Sue Ronkus Asababe Anoti, Mr. Commonwealth, Ib rave, Micky Gomez Garry olama Okpe and Tosin sweethearts for life, Becky and Lanre, and how can I forget Chisom my padi of life. Love you all. And if your name isn’t here, love you too. 

Congrats to all the newest and finest doctors Nigeria just produced from the university of first choice and the nations pride. Let’s go into the world and do our parents and nation proud. 

I think I have served my time well by His grace. 

Remember Uni is a place of growth, I’m sleepy now so goodnight world.

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  1. Wow,this is such an inspiration to younger generation.Thank you Ayoola.This was very nice.May God continue to bless you and your loved ones!!!

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