Day 19: Queen Adelaja Oluwaseyi #MyMBBSJourney

Hi there, I am Adelaja Oluwaseyi and it’s nice to be here, thanks for having me Pero.
My journey from princess’hood’ to Queen’hood’ has been a very eventful one, took a while to get me to do this very¬† summarized version. Let’s begin…..

#Diploma- This period was a very different one from sec. school, felt like freedom at last since I was coming from a boarding school. However, nothing really changed except for the new friends I made plus the ones that famzed.. lol. I moved from my name being written in pencil to being engraved with permanent marker sef. I started a more beautiful relationship with God here and that marked the beginning of my practical faith life. OK fast-forwarding……..

#Part1 – It was a totally different ball game! Anatomy incourse welcomed me to the reality of med school and negative marking! I knew I had to get an assurance from God about this med school journey which I did and He has truly been faithful. I explored a lot during this year and it marked my beginning of understanding what love really means *winks* I also found a home at Covenant Christian Centre this year.

#Part2 – oh yh, I had to modify the things I thought I knew about love and life. 1corinthians 13 was practically my highlight scripture of this year. I learnt how to give even when it seems you have nothing, another thing I learnt was to be humble and learn from others and yh, I got more serious with the books lol and I got my highest ever score this year which made late Prof. Beyioku a very proud Godmother(may her soul rest in peace). I also started my CMDA journey here.

#Part3- clinicals!! I remember being so scared of clerking lol and the usual you don’t know stuff story which used to be quite annoying then for which I later developed a thick skin. I learnt how to lead and work with people as a group and also how to get the seemingly not-so-interested members to work(as a dove or as a mother-hen lol).

#Part4- Community health! This was probably my most memorable year in med school! I enjoyed every bit of it, especially the rural posting and my project which was quite challenging but still enjoyable. This year really made me consider community health as a career option (I mean preventive medicine just seems like the way to do things #myopinion). I learnt sacrifice, paying the price and taking responsibility for the decisions you make in life and the individuality of life’s race.

# Final Year! – I am so grateful to God for this time, it marked the year I had to put every principle and lessons I had learnt through the years into practice. I was schooled on God’s mercy, compassion and faithfulness, the reality of the Holy Spirit and God’s way of keeping His covenant and the wonders confessions over one’s life and affairs make. I was privileged to be a leader almost all through the year and sharpen my leadership skills and how to make a team work *smiles* I learned the importance of teamwork, learnt to be more confident, outspoken, punctual, patient and much more. God has indeed being my pillar all through these years even to the very end I thank God for the people He gave me as lovers, friends even sisters (they know themselves), I look forward to the great and wonderful adventurous plans He has for me.
I hope you have enjoyed my Lil summarized survey on my journey to the humble Queen I am today.
Thank you to everyone that’s a part of this journey and those who prayed for me.
Thank you for your patience.
Thank you so much Pero for having me, wish you all the best even more than your heart desires.

Twitter: @delajmired

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