Day 24: Queen Aima Victoria #MyMBBSJourney

Hi everyone, thanks for the opportunity to share my experiences.
When I think of medical school, I can only think of God, not trying to be spiritual here , just pure truth. People would probably say “it all seems like yesterday when we started”, no for me it surely is a long time. I have had lot of experiences, made lot of friends, found the one I love *winks* and a whole lot that truly can’t be described with few words. You just attentively follow me as I brief you on life in medical school, University of Lagos, University of First Choice and Nations Pride (That’s right) *smiles*.

It all started with the diploma program, some people say it’s for people that did not pass jamb, well that’s their business *rolls eyes*. It was a whole new experience for me, being in a very large class filled with people with different background and characters. The words of the lecturers, errr.… better put threats of the lecturers “do not forget your names are written in pencil and can be easily erased” ept on ringing in our ears making us studious. The zeal young people had for God totally tripped me, was so amazed and yearned for such experience, actually that was God’s plan all along. God bless Pastor Yemi Levite and the leadership of MSSF and DSF for making that possible.
Moving on to my miraculous entry into 200level, trust me it was a miracle (meet me for more info *smiles*).

Now medilag, college of medicine proper was a different ballgame, needless to say , I was pretty young, naïve. We were fewer, ready for the challenge, actually we were overly confident, up until 1st incourse result was released, that greatly humbled everyone, many did poorly and by poorly I mean far below average. At that point we had to calm down, learn the tactics of medilag (negative marking), yea we did and by the 2nd and 3rd incourses we were masters of the game. But I must mention how I cried and cried at the chapel concerning those results , tears increased as the 1st professional exams were approaching, was scared to my bones, well by God’s grace, I did it and passed.

300 level was even tougher, increased number of courses, bulkier and increased responsibilities, was a pretty difficult time, but yea He (God) saw me through, passed and moved on.

Now as at 400level, my confidence had increased, reduced sobs heard in the chapel, yea your girl had grown *tongue out*, initiation into clinical year proper, a taste of being a doctor, was nice.  We learnt the act of clerkship, though my first clerking ,Nehi can testify, was a disaster. God bless Dr Lawal of Neuro Medicine who critically appraised it and pointed out my wrong. The long hours spent on the ward rounds cannot be easily forgotten especially when the consultants decide to air their opinions on political and entertainment issues ON THE ROUND, we try gan, well as the adage says “No pain, no gain”

Fast forward to 500 level, community health was different, had mixed feelings about it, my most dreaded part was PROJECT, I simply struggled with it till I finished (was actually my worst period in medical school), thank God for grace to complete it.

OK, Ok, hmm 600level, I have storrrrriiiieeeessss to tell but because I don’t want to bore you and don’t want Perry’s Tots to sanction me, would shorten it . From Paediatrics (hmmm my love for paedo tho) to Surgery, Medicine then O& G. My best was Surgery probably because of my group members, they were the funniest (Ayodele, Toke and Moyo), we had so much fun , yea we bonded *smiles*

So here I am, lying down on my bed at home, feeling relaxed, fulfilled and GRACED, recalling the event that occurred during my final professional exams. From reading at cold room, to being stuffed in a room with more than a dozen desperate medical students (and that was supposed to be a reading group, lol), to the tears being shed a couple of times , I know by now you would have realized I’m a cry baby, then to the class prayer meetings towards the exams. I vividly remember a particular class prayer meeting when God told me “I would understand what it means to swim in God’s grace”. I just happily took the word not knowing the surprise in store for me during the examination.  So the exam week came, 1st day, 2nd day and then that 3rd day, I’m sure many people, in short, all my classmates already know what happened to me in the hall that day but for the benefit of others, would explain a bit. On the 3rd day of the exam, after the theory session of Surgery, we had about 2hrs to prepare for the objective paper, so I decided to go back to the hostel to solve some past questions, then it happened “I SLEPT OFF”. Meanwhile in the exam hall, students were already seated, the question papers were already being shared and there and then my roommate (Tolafunmi) noticed my absence in the hall, it was a big hall so I still wonder how she knew for certain, well she immediately told my friend (Awala), they were both worried and practically shaking. Would like to remind you here that the papers were already with the students and at this time nobody was to standup or leave the hall, Hmmm….. there and then Awala  stood up, called for the examiner and told him she wanted to go call her friend in the hostel, he sarcastically permitted her and on getting to the hall door, called her back, angrily addressing her and telling her how impossible it would be to come back into the hall after seeing the questions. Her agitation and determination to take out of her allocated time for the examination to call a friend made some of the other examiners interested in the matter. God bless the security woman and Dr Osinowo and Dr Soriyan who practically ran to the hostel to call the sleeping student………..ME

Now there I was sleeping in my room, suddenly awakened on hearing a knock on my door, then came the voice of an house officer asking me if I’m a candidate for the final MBBS exam, I immediately jumped up, agitated, scared and  confused. On getting downstairs, the security woman grabbed my hand like she just caught a criminal and walked me to the hall, could also recall Dr Osinowo’s comforting words, yes comforting lol  saying “stop crying, everything would be alright”, at this point I was sobbing like a baby, I could see people just staring as I walked to the hall. I entered the hall trying so hard to put all emotions under control, but almost immediately I burst into tears again, sobbing heavily , as at now, everyone was staring at me with sad faces and a few crying (err so they said lol). Well I was given the question paper and started the exams. At this point I must specially thank Dr Ojewola, Dr Lawal, Dr Kanu, Dr Osinowo and Prof Ugburo for their encouraging words, I was truly in awe and guess what,  I was also given extra time to finish my paper. I was truly favored, I could palpate it, I knew it was just the MERCY of GOD.

Walking down the aisle after the exam, people were congratulating me, giving me their versions on what Awala did in the hall and the love she must have for me.  I could not believe what had just happened to me, I cried and cried and cried thinking of the worst that could have happened and how He miraculously saved me. He (God ) then reminded me of the word at the prayer meeting “I would understand what it means to swim in God’s grace”. I was indeed swimming in abundant grace. And this is just one of many things He did during this examination.

Special thanks to my no 1 family Sqn Ldr and Mrs Aghomon, Dr and Mrs Soriyan (words can’t describe how grateful I am to this family),RCF Medilag, Dr Lawal of Neuromedicine, Oleesa on tour, My friends and reading partners (Awala, Iwa, Tobi, Seyi, Fruity,Tola), my confidant and friend(Ope), Subim, Christy, Idowu, the list is endless……………………….., I love you guys *kisses*

So I’m looking forward to a stress-free housemanship year, yea no stress mehn and a great future with the love of my life and my beautiful kids.

If there is one thing I took from about 6 years and few months in medical school is that the person of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is sooooooooooooo  real. He will lead you and guide you in every aspect if you let Him. I am a living testimony.

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  1. I am so encouraged by dis cos sincerely speaking, i am really scared about 600L and its just my 4th week….

  2. Wow!!!
    Your testimony,truly, God’s word is ever true
    Your diploma story also inspired me when I was in diploma .
    Thanks for sharing

  3. “So here I am, lying down on my bed at home, feeling relaxed, fulfilled and GRACED… “the ‘cry’ bae, thank God for His mercies that saw you through. Congratulations

  4. Like seriously you slept off and cried afterwards on your triumphal entry into the exam hall… Hoolaalaah! Anyways Jesus did same on entry into Jerusalem… Lol. If I had known this earlier, would have teased a pint of fluid outta you… *like am serious* This is a true picture of what God can do. Congratulations to you dear and be you ready to face the rigours of post-medical school, coz that’s how the testimony gets to be tremendously awesome. Dr Aima Vic

  5. Awwwww thanks guys
    @peculair dear, she is truly bae, If she were a man, would have married her lol
    Muyiwa dear, thanks, triumphal entry yea *smiles*

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