Day 3: Tayo Orunja

2016, where do I even begin.

Well, I guess ideally I am supposed to start from the beginning but I believe I will start from September.

On the 12 of September was the best day so far because it was a day that comes once a year where I can celebrate my birthday. I got to spend the day with a lovely young lady who is driven, smart, beautiful and very hard to read at times. But I believe being hard to read can be the interesting part because it makes you wonder what else is still there and would make you to want to know more of that person.

We enjoyed the day at the mall, watched a movie, and got something to eat. Later in the day I was surprised and was offered to pick a gift that I wanted. There was a nice book store at the Surulere mall of Adeninran Ogunsanya St. While I was there I happened to see a book titled “The Diamond of Life” by Blessing Abeng The book really caught my eye because most people tend to see a diamond as one of the most precious items on earth. So as I got the book and later read it I found out that the book was about how to manage your time. The book was very helpful for the reason that one of my bad habits is procrastination. It showed ways of managing your time and letting you know that even though a diamond is the most valued item in the world but time is even more valuable because you never get time back if you lose it.

Later that day I saw a colleague of mine and family and just really felt alive. I was so thankful for God adding another year to my life and was just grateful for all the challenges that God has put me through and lessons I learnt.

In 2016 I was blessed to make two new friends. Now trust me I keep a very small circle of friends. I would rather call other people I know who I talk to either colleagues or associates apart from family of course. These two people were very different from one another.

One was very spiritual and a pastor I believe I can say and had a dark past but was shown the light and is now saved. At times many people tend to only see him as pastor but I was able to know him as friend first. He really hanged out with me in times where I was bored out of my mind since I was home this time around during the school long vacation. He really showed me how having a past life where he only enjoyed the present like going out drinking, spending money wastefully and didn’t plan for the future as in after life once we die is not a life to live. That you must always know that the life we’re currently living in is temporary and we must know that we will reap the rewards in heaven for all the good works we do here on earth. So he always made me think of my spiritual life at times while still cracking in some jokes every now and then.

Now the other friend I met was similar to me in a sense that he studied the same course I’m currently in school for business administration. Listened to similar music like me and it was just that instinct feeling of connection. It turned out that I and he both went through the same process of trying to better ourselves and continue to make our families proud. We all have moments when we feel like what can I do to make myself better in the sense of totality? Not only in academics but in daily habits, health wise, decision making and etc. He was able to let me know that bad decisions made in the past can be lessons learned and that we have to continue to strive and be the best we can be. Also I learned that getting daily workouts really refreshes your body. Trust me I tried picking it up and I am still a work in progress but when I do workout I feel renewed. I try to get in at least an hour work out a day. Also I learned and experienced that music can be a means one can use to clear the mind and just connect with yourself in a way where you can express your emotions and let off some steam at times.

In conclusion, 2016 told me that there will be times when you have to dig deep and really find out who you are and what you want to accomplish in life; not only in a long term goal but short term goals because when you add up all the small accomplishments you make you end up finding out that they were all the pieces to your main goal.

Family and close friends are always good people to relate to but most importantly with God.

Hope my experiences influenced you or gave you something to think about on how you can better your life.

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🌲

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