Day 14: Funsho

2016 SO FAR……

Everybody wants to be successful, we all want to be at the peak of everything we do, but we all can’t get to the peak at the same time, while it might take some 2years, its might takes 7months for others, but the most important thing is we will all get there eventually, having this in mind I started the year trying to finish the battle with paediatrics that kept me hostage as an undergraduate for one more year, but this time around when pastor asked us to ask one thing from God, I asked him for two things.

February came and believe me it wasn’t as a dejavu this time around, I dealt with paediatrics, unlike the prior year I didn’t go home thinking I had pass paediatrics, I ensured I checked the result the following week before going home, my grade was unbelievable, I finally cleared paediatrics.

And after 4months of staying at home waiting for induction date, the day finally came, and yeah I was inducted as a Doctor, believe me, there’s not exciting about it, it was just a normal feeling, and so the hurdle for housemanship began, I actually thought it was a joke at first, when my name wasn’t on the first and second list for Luth. Little did I know God had another plan for me, let me save you the boring stories of all the trips I had to make outside Lagos.

And after 3 long months post induction I got a placement, though not where I ever imagined, but its way better than where I had in mind, I get to learn new language, new culture, and appreciate things I use to take for granted when I was in Lagos, believe me the experience has been an eye opener and I believe it’s another lesson God is trying to teach me.

2016 is ending on a good note for me, God answered my two requests, and He showed up in every area. it wasn’t a dejavu this time around, it was a dream come true. I didn’t give up, now am a doctor, what next…………

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎆

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