Day 17: Jesufemi


Thanks Pero for the opportunity to write.

On new year’s eve I usually make new year resolutions. To help me, I divided them into quarters but they were all associated with passing my final exams. Preparing for the exams was a very emotional time for me. Thank God for family,friends, study group, and colleagues. During the exams, God favoured me. The long wait for results felt like waiting for WASSCE all over again.The tension in school was much so I went home and mentally prepared for the worst case scenario. Results came out I did well. Yaay Dr Oyedeji J.O
Sometimes I freak out a lot when I think about the future and how I’m not ready for it. Now you are a doctor what next? In Ty Ash’s voice “Is it primaries,Usmle or Plab?”. Everyone seems to have the best advice. God knows best. While waiting for graduation,I put my time to use. I’m glad I did.

Induction day was the highlight of this year for me.I was really excited and pleasantly surprised that day. I had set a goal that was praying for but it didn’t happen how I wanted i,God had other plans.4The provost’s speech that day motivated me to not get too comfortable but strive to do more. Graduation like they say is just the beginning. Housemanship moves you from baby to adulthood almost immediately. It stretches you past your limit but its been humbling and interesting . With each passing day, I’ve come to realise that there has to be a Drive! Something that motivates you to wake up each morning,work your ass off,be polite and kind to others around you and bring you back home to say “I had a wonderful day,let’s do this again tomorrow”. I’m learning to set goals and letting that drive me.

I’ve also seen that has to be a balance between work and rest. You young healthcare professional, your health is as important as the lives entrusted in your care. You’ve got to find a balance!!! Same for all other young hustling professional. Unhealthy habits are easily formed in a bid to ease stress.

I’ve also come to realise that there’s no easy profession and we all need each other to survive. Finally that whatever your hands find to do,you have to do it well.If we All do our part, Nigeria,our country would be a better place.

I thank God for the wonderful year. I want to keep learning and I’m excited about 2017. The professional puzzle seems to be falling in place.I’ve matured in love. God provided for all my needs this year in amazing ways, I have no worries His insurance covers me in the new year and beyond. I also want to learn about non medical courses from IT to Accounting to Literature. Tutors can apply within.

May we all have a wonderful and fulfilling 2017.

Compliments of the season.Don’t stop dreaming!!!

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎆

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