Day 22: Oluwole Oluwafemi

Glad to add my voice to the 31 voices, thank you our dearest and most prolific blogger cum doctor.

A new year just about to be rung in, and 2016 rung out; looking through the past months, without any doubt, I can confidently say that truly, God has been so good.

2016 has not been without its challenges, disappointments, and falling of hands, but through it all, it has been a testimony-filled year.
Pardon my manners, first of all, introduction!

My name is Oluwole John Oluwafemi, I’m a Christian and I’m male (I don’t have a Barr body, just had to emphasis that especially in this era of confused gender and sexual identity). Somehow, somehow, I studied medicine at school.

Vicissitudes, maybe that word would aptly describe 2016 for me, but in all fairness, there has been more ups than downs. Well! not to brood over the downs, lemme highlight the ups (and obscure the test-moments within the testimonies)

After so long a wait, I was offered a Housemanship placement.
Came from the least expected, and least likely place, but glad it came. Glory to God!

The wait was intense, moments of hoping even against hope, expecting, praying, travelling (more like touring the country) for interviews, only to get some annoying responses like,”we can only take so much doctors”, “we shall get back to you soon”. That’s how one centre assured me of a positive response in 2 weeks, I guess their 2 weeks is more than 14 days, even more than 365 days as I’m still waiting to hear from them after over a year.
Housemanship has been a wonderful experience, that’s a story for another day.

This same year, I committed myself to a relationship (you know what I mean na). Excited at the prospects of having someone I could call a girlf****d (I’m yet to get used to that word, and I might not be used to it anytime soon as it barely lasted 6 months.)
Expectations were high, but things didn’t go as expected. A lil heartbreak, but praise God, heart is healed and stronger. Now I’m back to my usual happy-go-lucky self, looking forward to getting committed again.

What else can I say about 2016? By and large, it has been a wonderful year, looking forward to a greater 2017.

Thanks Dr Pero for airing my voice, thanks people for listening to my voice. God bless you all. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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