Day 24: Mayowa Agbelese

First of all, I’d like to appreciate God for his tender mercies, and giving me this rare opportunity to partake in this lovely innovation.

I appreciate Dr. Adepero Ajayi, for her tenacity, determination and drive to make sure Perry’s Tots is interesting and ever impactful; More grace dear.
2016 ehn! You know I thank God I was able to scale through without a scratch, because truthfully I went into 2016 blindly. I didn’t exactly have goals let alone plans.

By the time we crossed-over, I was still on IT, which started November 2015, and I worked at a company where they paid my November’s salary on the 30th of December, 2015, and December and January’s salary was paid on the 24th of February 2016, I was made to understand what salary earners that are been owed passed through. When you see them come out and protest and all, it’s not actually their fault at all. Also from another perspective, I just got this conviction that I will never work under anybody for money ever again, even if I’m going to, it will be to learn and to learn only.

School resumed, I was in 500 level, still in 500 level though…. lol! My school really drags; you know?! (Great Ife!). I really imagined 500 level being the “most stressless” (If there is any word like that) semester, but I was shocked, I was immensely shocked by the workload. It was like the lecturers had a closed door meeting, as in, everyone one of them kept giving us crazy assignments, so bad that we hardly had any time for ourselves.

Then my supervisor now gave me a project topic, lol! Although I thank God for the kind of man he gave me, but that topic ehn! But I thank God, we defended our chapter 1 – 3 already, and God was faithful.

Our exams too were very well, until the last one….it was really an exam, but through it all, Glory be to God.
2016, wasn’t exactly eventful, I so much craved to leave the country but somehow it didn’t work out.

I participated in two different competitions this year, and myself and my colleagues didn’t make it past the semis, I also tried going on exchange as an Aiesecer, but somethings led to the other and I couldn’t leave anymore. Also I had plans to read at least 100 books, I wasn’t able to read up to 20.
So, I changed my fellowship in school, and met with some great folks, started a business club in school (CIMA Undergraduate Club), Started the registration of a business name, I organized my first event that I spear-headed this year, amongst others.
But the year went well, only that this time, I am setting some goals against 2017, I’d have loved to put them up here, but they aren’t ready yet, but I look forward to seeing every reader do exploits in their different areas of influence.

Let me end with this “What you do today can change all the tomorrows of your life”

God bless you for taking out time to read.
Thank you!


Merry Christmas from Perry’s Tots.🔔🎄🎆

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