Day 26: Dr Idowu Dabiri

Grace, the Matthew 6:33 woman

Year in, year out, there is usually some hide and seek game between myself and MzPerry about writing my article. She never gets tired of me and me, I never get tired of writing. There is always this gentle reminder about submitting my article. This year, she gave me a day’s ultimatum but you know that Nigerian sense we all have, I told myself it was a week’s ultimatum (she said Friday, she did not specify). MzPerry, I pray for us both; the year is coming that before you ask me, I would have written. Amen. I am always grateful for the opportunity of sharing my testimony to the world. I am super proud of you MzPerry. May the good LORD bless you.

This year was the year of experiencing GOD’s grace, love and mercy in abundance. If I ever sent you a message this year, one, two or all three of them would have been part of the message. If they weren’t, I apologize. GOD’s grace, love and mercy surrounded me this year. Several times I fell but HIS mercy picked me up, HIS love washed me and HIS grace presented me as spotless. Sometimes, it was so bad that I was unsure about praying, too scared to pray because I did not want to disappoint HIM yet again. I was like a child who had messed up her beautiful dress with chocolate, ice-cream and stew in the park and was scared of letting mama know. On my own, I would try to wash my beautiful dress and then come clean before mama to be presented to the world. Clean, but not spotless; dry but cold and with blisters from washing. What I failed to realise is that, mother already knows my weakness and would always come prepared with a change of clothing (infact too many to count) to ensure that I am always spotless, dry, warm and presentable to the world. We all have our weaknesses that come up once in awhile. Instead of working on your own, come boldly to the Throne of Grace so that you would receive grace and mercy.
This year, I grew from being a medical student to being a medical doctor. I grew from being a medical doctor without housejob to one with housejob. I grew from being a houseless medical houseofficer to one with a house big enough to accommodate others. I am just waiting to grow from the medical houseofficer who has not been paid to the one who has been paid. I know before the year comes to an end, my testimony would be complete. In the waiting days of the various transition, GOD’s peace kept me. I had several occasions when friends say, ‘Idowu, you are not even worried about… At times, I’ll ask myself if I was being non-chalant about certain things but GOD kept reassuring me that HIS peace passeth all human understanding.

At work, I experienced GOD’s favour in abundance. No matter how strict some senior colleagues were, I was able to share a couple of jokes with them. The battle of how old I am resurfaced several times of course. Patients would be like, ‘Doctor, how old are you?’ Marriage proposals from patients and relatives was the new addition though. One would be like, ‘Ah, fine doctor, my son is coming back from ‘the abroad’’. Another would be like, ‘My daughter-in-law’ and yet others would only ask, ‘Doctor are you Igbo?’ And to all of them, I would just smile. I also realized that little things matter in life: a sincere smile, a soft voice, a gentle reply, a helping hand, a kept promise, a word of faith, a prayerful heart etc. There were other times that I would get sad or at times angry over a situation but GOD encouraged me. There were times that I would be so tired and almost give up but the joy of the LORD being my strength kept me going.
Working as a doctor made me appreciate the gift of life much more. It is definitely not by your power that you are alive. Or do you think, it’s by your beauty, brains, age, wealth, goodness or whatever? I have had patients that would surpass whatever category you want to pick. No one wants to be a patient, no one wants to be a burden to another and certainly, no one wants to die. Sickness makes the strong weak, the rich poor and the proud humble. Just take this minute to thank GOD for preserving you. It is the end of the year, none of your steps has led to death, your heart has been beating and never for once stopped and your lungs have been functioning and never for once wore out. I realized that the time between life and death is less than a second. Are you preparing for eternity or you just enjoying the moment? JESUS is the way, the truth and the life.

I went to French school for about three months. A quick gist about French school. So here I was around Alliance Française and a senior registrar from LUTH saw me and asked, ‘What are you doing around here?’

Me: I came to Alliance Française

Senior Registrar: Oh, you are the people around? So what exactly are you doing?

Me: A-un (which means A1). *In my mind, I’m like ask me more questions, let me enlighten you about French*

Senior Registrar: Me, C-deux. (C2)

My brothers and sisters, my jaw dropped o. C2 is the highest level in learning French while A1 is beginner’s class. It pays to be humble.

I made some dresses this year. I lost weight as evidenced by loose fitting clothes. I started driving at night. I became a good phlebotomist and line setter. I did a couple of procedures. I learnt. Some people say, doing housejob in LUTH, one would not learn much. I can say, my case was different and always be different for good by the grace of GOD. Petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid. I am learning every day.

It’s 9:07am, my article is due in about 3hours. 2016, was a good year. I made new friends this year and my old friends remained true. Some just there while some others are on a mission to carve out a niche for themselves. I am not going to details about those of course. My family was indeed kept by GOD. HE was our PROVIDER, PROTECTOR and PROMOTER even with the current situation of Nigeria. By the grace of GOD, next year 2017 would be greater. I would be achieving all that my HEAVENLY FATHER wants me to achieve. I’ll be a better person and Nigeria would come out of recession. Can’t wait to see what my faithful Father has in store.

I wish you a GOD-filled new year.

Yours faithfully,
Dr D.

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  1. Dr Dabiri Idowu Vpee, my lovely amazing friend. Indeed 2016 has been a sweet ’16 to you, God be praised. And you’re very right, the little things we take for granted really do go a long way in making another’s Day “a kept promise, that broad smile, a lil giving here and there”.

    Always elated to read your summarized perritotish testimonies… Do have a blessed ’17. Merry Christmas to you dear

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