My House Job Chronicles: Surgery & Paediatrics.

Hello everyone, hope we are all doing great and why is the month of May flying. I trust that our plans for the year are beginning to take form.

Today, I’ll be sharing about my house job chronicles so far, seeing as I started my house job/internship about six months ago after graduation. House job/housemanship is one-year internship done after medical school.

I started my journey with surgery specifically Burns, Plastic & Hand Rehabilitation Unit. It was a unit I learnt a lot from during my final year in Uni so I was fine with it but wasn’t looking forward to the not so good sight of wounds and the smell of it.

Me 14hours later.

Monday were our surgery days and we could be in theater till 12am the next morning, then we would have to monitor flap and graft temperature and patient’s vital signs for 2-4days non stop every hour depending on the review.

Tuesday was our minor ops day where we have minor surgeries, biopsies, keloids et al. Other activities included seminars, ward rounds and clinic. It was an interesting posting and I enjoyed my time with the residents and colleagues, however, I didn’t get to go to church through the posting. i was on call every Sunday.

After this posting, I moved to Accident & Emergency Surgery. Let me confess, I am yet to get over the excitement from this posting, I had fun! Working here was so enjoyable because of the resident I worked with, Dr. Obisesan and my other colleagues.
Any surgical case could literally come in so we’ve got to be alert at all times. Fridays were known for stab wounds and gunshot injuries. I’ve never seen so much traumatic brain injuries in my life. I love surgery so much.
One hilarious time was when a patient presented with foreign object (plastic malt bottle) in his rectum/anus, this was confirmed by x-ray. we couldn’t get it out manually so he was being worked up for surgery but the end of this sorry is so funny I’ll stop here. I had my Happy New Year moment at the emergency, I was so upset I wouldn’t deny it. I love the idea of Happy New Year in church, I never thought a year will come where i would have to do it at work! Don’t judge me, my inner self hasn’t accepted this medic life completely.

I had my secondary posting in psychiatry and it was interesting. Working with patients with bipolar disorder, substance/drug abuse, schizophrenia etc it was a very enlightening period for me and it helped me learn more about taking charge of my mind. No wonder the bible says ‘Guard thy heart’ your mental health is of utmost important, take charge of it. I wrote on depression here.No, psychiatry isn’t only about people who you termed “crazy” or “mad” I’m excited more awareness is being shed on mental health.

I resumed my second posting weary of the cry of babies and children but it wasn’t so bad. I learnt to subconsciously shield it. However, it was the teeming number of neonates with jaundice that broke my heart day after day. This post isn’t about jaundice, however, if you observe anything strange about your baby kindly go to the hospital, whether it’s the way he/she cries or move, whatever you’re not sure about, please kindly go to the hospital. Jaundice could progress so rapidly that it goes ahead to cause permanent damages to the brain. I should do a post on Jaundice soon.

My rotation through pediatrics emergency was absolutely fantastic but this posting made me want to do something about getting health insurance coverage for every Nigerian. People walk into the emergency with practically no money and I wonder how many patients doctors can afford to donate for.

My rotation through neonatology was refreshing and quite reflective, whenever we go to take deliveries, the newborns make me realize the importance of time, process and choices. They are new, fresh with a new beginning or slate to begin to draw or live out, then I look at myself and reflect on how I was once new with no history and I think of the end of life and the importance of making quality decisions, having vision and being all I was made to be and dying empty.

Flap:a surgical procedure to transplant a unit of tissue from one site to another with its blood supply.
Graft:a surgical procedure to transplant tissue without its blood supply. (Taking skin from one part of the body to place on another part)
Vital Signs: clinical measurements( pulse rate, respiratory rate, temperature and blood pressure) that indicates the state of a patient’s essential body function.
Keloid:over-growth of scar tissue that develops around a wound.
Biopsy:is a sample taken from the body in order to examine it for disease.
Paediatrics:a branch of medicine that deals with neonates, children and adolescents.
Jaundice: the yellowish discoloration of the eyes, skin and mucous membrane.

I look forward to my next posting which is Obstetrics & Gynecology. I promise to bring you stories from my experience and I shall be sharing my experiences via my social media platform, kindly follow me. Thank you.

Like I shared in my previous post, every post will have a section where I share something I’m loving, learning or inspiring me. Last week I shared a video, you can watch it here.

Something I’m Learning.

I doubted my ability to write a script for a really long time but I’ve laid the fears to rest. We could have a stageplay this year instead of reading a series on the blog.

Financial Intelligence is so KEY. You can’t afford to miss it with your finance. I’ll do a post to share what I learnt at the Financial Intelligence & Money Mastery classes I attended.

What are you learning?

Till next time, share this post if you love it (share button below), subscribe to my mailing list for more; if you’re new on the blog, WELCOME and don’t forget to introduce yourself here.

Love. Learn. Inspire.

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