In Pursuit of Happiness

Hello everyone and happy new month!!! I’m so excited to be sharing some major life lessons I learnt recently and my victory over depression.

Few weeks ago, I felt really down and I was too weak to find myself. There was just so much going on, working with malignant people (my current posting is my worst so far), I didn’t feel like writing. I just needed a break from everything!

Few lessons…

– Life is not a competition: Sometimes in life, in the pursuit of excellence and the strive to be the best version of ourselves we might begin to unconsciously look at the next person’s grass and compare with ours. At that stage, you need to take a chill pill and realize you’re not in a competition. I believe creativity thrives when you are yourself with no undue pressure to impress anyone but to be better than you were yesterday.

  • It’s okay to take a break: I love love consistency, I can go to any length to keep up, that’s just who I am. Sadly, in the past few months after moving the blog to dot com, things have being moving really slow, and I have an hectic job contending with my writing. I hope I gain momentum back soon! Taking a break and the slow pace of things make me feel like I’ve lost the enthusiasm and fuel to carry on but a greater part of me keeps telling me not to stop but to keep moving whichever way, whether by crawling, walking or flying. There’s no going back.

Positive vibes only!

  • Things don’t always go the way we plan on paper. Trust your journey, God and His timing: I just usually remind myself that no matter what my plans are for different aspects of my life, God’s plan is bigger, brighter and better. Although it hasn’t been an easy journey, worrying never solved anything so I rather do my best and trust God’s timing.

  • Don’t give yourself headache trying to be what you are not: I really wonder how people keep up with social media buzz, someone come and teach me 😥😥. Twitter is just the height, some people are always there replying every tweet or looking for someone’s trouble; people sharing the cool parts of their life on IG. There’s a tendency to question your life’s progress and purpose but I believe we just need to focus our gaze on the things that matter. Store up treasure where it matters.

  • Even if you think no one sees or appreciates what you’re doing, keep doing your best, eventually, it would pay off.

Let nothing steal your joy.

In our pursuit of happiness and purpose fulfilment, let’s not lost who we truly are because each one of us is a unique being.


You can download the YouVersion app on your phone, there are lovely plans on every topic you could think about. I studied a plan on depression and it helped me get myself back.

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Love. Learn. Inspire.

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