Day 5: Chimezie

Friday Nov 17th, my phone buzzed “1 new notification”. It read:

Pero: BTW are you interested in this year’s 31 days 31 voices?
Me: Interested ke? I got a title and even sub headings down since!
Here we go!

12:00 am Sunday, Jan 1st. I reached for my rosary as fast as I could, got on my knees and started my prayers. I couldn’t stop thanking God for life, good health, family and friends. Neither could I stop reminding God that I had no clue how I was going to survive paediatrics posting let alone pass the End of Posting assessment not to talk of final MB.

Graduation already? Wait a minute…
Wasn’t it just yesterday I was by the notice board, frantically searching for my name on the list of those who’d made the cut to move to 200L.
Wasn’t it only yesterday I took fibula and tibia home to taunt my parents that I’d brought human bones to their house.
Wasn’t it only hours ago when 300l professional exam results were released and the “pass” I had in Pharmacology was to me the best result of my life.
Wasn’t it only minutes ago that my Dextrose requiring and IV-Cannula carrying self sat for final MB?
It seemed like only moments ago. I screamed so loudly in block 4 female hostel that people heard me all the way in block 2. I still remember vividly. It was 8 or 9pm, the last Friday in March and I had just learnt that I’d “satisfied” the examiners. I was on the phone with mum and I remember her saying, ‘Oge hold your sister, don’t let her collapse’.
I was overjoyed. Chiemeziere m

I thought I paid attention at the induction ceremony.
I now realize that the speaker was right after all we wouldn’t remember his name or anything he said.
What I do remember was seeing a lot of happy faces and proud parents.
Thanks Oge, my makeup was flawless, @crosshaired the pictures were epic. Ese gan.

The days that turned into weeks and months after medical school were the best of my adult life!
No more 8am Ward rounds, lectures, logbook to sign, case to present, tutorial to attend.
I was done with belittling registrars, SRs and Consultants.
I could heave a sigh of relief and finally pay my sleep debt.
After hundreds of hours of sleep, I finally got around to crossing off all the items on my list of things that I didn’t get the chance to do while in school.
It was sublime.

I was out with Pero.
We’d just had a conversation about the next step; Housejob.
I’d expressed my concerns; would my license run out before I get placement? Where would I get? Would I survive the stress?
I remember saying housejob in LUTH was inconceivable. Why would someone choose LUTH? I barely survived clinical year why would I extend my stay by one year in the name of internship?
I guess I spoke too soon.
My phone rang. It was Oyin calling me to say I should check my phone for the SMS from LUTH Mgt.
I checked my phone and there it was…


Medicine posting first? I exclaimed when I saw my appointment letter.
I was to resume immediately, the letter said.
But how could I? What if I am posted to Neurology unit or Haemat/Onco or the very worst, Endo.
Thurs Sept 7th. I’d summoned enough courage to resume and Nephrology Team A was to be my lot for the next 90days. I was delighted to say the least. This was Pero’s unit.
It couldn’t be that bad, I consoled myself.
After 90days, I can say it wasn’t bad at all. I have Pero to thank for that.

I can’t say thank you enough to my family, Gordon, Nosa. Igwe, Hans, Pero, Oyin, Dozie, Temitayo, Cy, Monk… it’s always a good time with you guys.
Bello, Adufe, Gastro K, ZeZe, Amarachi, Obi, Maxi, Marvy, Makinde, Balogun, IK, George, Silva, Ms T, thank you for the doctor’s room gist and for not sending midnight consults
To the many people I’m blessed to call friends, you made my 2017 and all I can say is thank you.

This quote typifies all 2017 taught me, “Everything good will happen to you in its time.”


2017 was kind to me without a doubt but it’s my wish that the years to come are even better. I look forward to celebrating more milestones surrounded by family and friends with 30 billion in the account.

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.
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  1. Thank you Chimezie. It was absolutely fantastic working with you. It didn’t even feel like work. I wish you God’s best in the new year. You remember how I said I want to be more compassionate and how some people are just loving and I wonder how they do it. You’re one of such, you’ve got an amazing heart and I’m glad to be your friend.

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