Your Gift Is Here.


Hello fam, how has your month been so far? It’s been a journey from the conception to delivery of this baby called THE PURPLE BOOK. This is not just a book but an assignment delegated to me by the Holy Spirit.  I trust the Holy Spirit to minister to different aspects of your life as you open your soul when you read. Everyone will take their portion as they read.

This is a book different from every other book I have written. This journey broke me and healed me. Although this book may seem like me giving, the Holy Spirit said to me “It is about enlarging your capacity to give of yourself and your story without inhibition.” Therefore, I am also receiving and I look forward to reading from you.

Every part of this assignment was God-directed from getting the title through autocorrect while chatting with my friend, to the beautiful book cover when it looked like inspiration was not coming, to getting an editor who worked thoroughly without accepting cash. Even having DDK write the foreword although we have never had a physical introduction done. The Holy Spirit just said to ask her to write the foreword, I delayed for a while until I had no peace and she responded amidst her very busy schedule.

I love you all so much and as I have played my part of this assignment delegated to me by the Holy Spirit. I handover the remaining part of this assignment to the Holy Spirit, that as you read He expands it beyond the letters. Amen

I love you and look forward to reading from you.

Love me with prayers.

Here is your gift.

THE PURPLE BOOK – Adepero Ajayi

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