Day 31: Adepero

To understand my 2019 entry, you need to read my 2018 entry here.

The day was 01.01.19.

I had had an encounter mid-2018 that rearranged my life such that the Holyspirit had called me into a social media & food fast. I finished the 31DAYS 31VOICES series the previous day, got back from crossover service and deleted WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram from my phone.

In 2018, I had complications from trying to relocate my NYSC posting from Sokoto to Ogun state which resulted in me having to wait till 2019 to apply for remobilization. So the new year was filled with expectations of finally sorting NYSC at least; I didn’t have any other clear plan for 2019. I was just waiting for God to direct me. I have learned to stop planning my life and strategizing every step by my own limited human mind. I had learned to surrender in 2018.

I traveled to Sokoto in January as requested. I was ready to get all the drama and stress out of the way. When I got to Sokoto, I was told I was meant to go to Abuja first to get a list cos they no longer send it to them. (In plain terms, someone is not doing their job so another person has to pay for it by traveling to Abuja.) I was so vexed cos I literally had about 4hrs layover at Abuja doing nothing. I wasn’t interested in doing NYSC again. I wanted to drag people on social media. I had spent so much on airfare. I was very upset. I went to FGC Sokoto to meet Hannah Ajayi who was my host. I was making several calls fuming and it was Olorunwa who told me to “Calm down Pero“, then my dad too. I was surprised because I really thought my dad would say the opposite as he wasn’t pleased as well. So I just said, “Pero, chill. Let’s pray. Let’s clear this head. This is not you.”

I got the confidence and decided to meet the State coordinator the next day. I got to his office and was asked if I had an appointment, I explained that I didn’t but I have to speak to him. The man insisted but later went to inform the State coordinator. I went in to explain my challenge, he was extremely nice and called Abuja. I’m trying to summarize this cos the full testimony ehn. You’ll actually think it’s a movie or I used jazz.😭😭

We later found I was remobilized to Benue state and the State coordinator requested I be remobilized to Ogun state instead. Guys!!! he did this without asking me or knowing I wanted Ogun all along. I literally got VIP treatment from the NYSC secretariat. It felt too good to be true. I also got a note from them to present at Abuja for final processing.

I had an amazing time at Abuja with Tokunbo. I explored Abuja and met up with Tomi Afolayan. Beautiful memories. I got back to Lagos in February just waiting to get my posting letter for NYSC.

In March, I did the Economics of Healthcare online course by the University of Pennsylvania. Mayowa invited me to his new church, The New, after the eflier design on his WhatsApp status had caught my eye. I would later realize this was a setup by God. It was Olori Boye ministering. I couldn’t talk after guys! I couldn’t eat.😭 Something beyond words happened to me.

In April, one evening, my beloved friend, Tope Ogundeko has forwarded the Ignition Intensive course by Debola Deji-Kurunmi aka DDK to me without asking. So I did it, learning so much. While at it, I sensed I needed to make contact with DDK. Next thing, Mayowa shared another eflier from his church, this time, it was DDK coming. Lol! God-incidence. It was a very beautiful session and it was time for impartation, I went out and when DDK touched me, she removed her hands and looked at me in wonder saying “You’re so full of grace.” All I could do was smile. She prayed for me and that was all.

Before then, I had been praying and waiting to receive God’s directive for 2019. I was so worried and was beginning to wonder if I wasn’t hearing God clearly or there was something I was doing wrong. Until one beautiful evening when I had a download from the Holyspirit writing nonstop of all to do in my 2019, this included writing the book now called The Purple Book. I immediately started writing. DDK wrote the foreword of this book without a formal introduction. I guess that initial contact was something. Lol I later met her during bible school.

In May I got my posting to FMC Abeokuta and I choose the department I wanted to work. Yes. It sounds too good to be true but the type of favor I experienced this year looks like a dream. I got accommodation by following the Holyspirit’s instructions and thanks to Susan. The first house I went to see for myself was where I currently stay. No house hunting stress. I had the sort of moment that Pastor had in the movie War Room. The family is amazing and their generator is connected to my place. My sister says I’m a VIP tenant. 😂

My work colleagues are awesometastic! George is my G! Lol Dr. Ogunde, my adopted big sister. Dr. Ajibola sorted my bills while I was on a short admission when I was ill. Dr. Ogunjobi is so hardworking and dedicated! Just all-round beautiful people.

I really built my clinical confidence this year. Having taken a one year break while sorting NYSC, I was apprehensive about returning to clinical medicine but I have thoroughly enjoyed working at the emergency.

This year, I am happy I really stepped up my game with intentionally building and maintaining my friendships and family relations. One of the best memories of this year is my brother, Fiyin, thanking me heartily for teaching him how to pray. I’m so happy he also started speak in tongues. This is a big deal cos during my one-year at home, God did a huge work on me and my prayer was transformed such that I carried my siblings and family members along although sometimes I felt I was pushing them too hard. Everyone started calling me “Pastor Mrs” “Prophetess” etc 😂 I’m glad I didn’t stop because after I left, they all missed the praying Perry.

I spent my birthday in June with my faith sister, Damilola. In 2018 after my encounter, God strategically did an overhaul of my inner circle of friends and reintroduced me to my new tribe. Dami was one of the people the Holyspirit had reintroduced to me and I’m glad to be a part of her mind-blowing testimony. It’s a privilege. A very big one. I love you Dami. Thanks for my birthday treat as well.

In July, I was getting walked up about releasing The Purple Book and searching for an editor until I met Mr. Tom who did it free! I’ve received reviews that still surprise me. I learned obedience from this. You should read it here.

In August, I released The Purple Book and started Firebrand Forerunners Bible school by DDK. Mr. O. paid the admission fee.😁 After the initial encounter with DDK, I knew we were in the same tribe as the message she shared that evening was the exact thing the Holyspirit had told me on the second day of the year. The school was intense and I had to travel to Lagos for the vigils which were always FIRE! I graduated in October with an award.

After the Bible school, the Holyspirit prompted me that the next area of learning for my next level was in my mind! That was when DDK started ACCELERATION INTENSIVE centered on the mind- it was a free 2week course. Guys, I literally felt my brain open as I received clarity and broke free from limiting mindsets. I knew I needed to join her coaching company which opened after the two weeks. This was in November. Unfortunately, around this time, I also had several expenses to sort and the goal of joining her coaching group seemed unachievable. Then DDK posted giving out a slot for free. I did all that was required and I got in! Free for 3months!!! God of favor.😂

The Purple Gathering was another assignment God gave me. This is a huge testimony because God and I went on a journey hand-in-hand to make me the woman for this assignment. Working for God and delivering His assignments is a lot of work! Intense spiritual work. The glam attached is not all there is. Don’t be deceived. Lol

One of my goals for this year was to get a wheelchair for the woman on my street that I buy stuff from and I’m glad about the help of 23 amazing people, we did it! We raised 76k. 👏🏽👏🏽

Guys!!! I am super excited all slot for this year’s edition of 31Days31Voices got filled! I’m so proud of everyone who pushed out of their comfort zone to write and I’m proud of myself!

I thank God for the extra side jobs I got this year with so much ease. I thank God for free rides too. Lol

I thank God for firebrand friendships and associations. I’m thankful for Mayowa Agbelese, Tomi Afolayan, Ope Alabi, Yusuf Shittu, Tope Ogundeko, Gbemiga Ogundeko, Faderera Adegoke, Oluchi, Sandra Chimeh, Tokunbo, Bode Brown, Sylvia, Mr. O., Ibukun Awodehinde, Big daddy & mummy, Subomi Ibidapo. Mr Y. came in at extra time but it’s a great addition! Thank you for an amazing 2019.

I can say I walked with God in 2019. I achieved spiritual goals, (I was finally able to move to 5day water fast from 3.) and I look forward to growth in my prophetic grace!😁

One goal I didn’t get around to is exercise. I’m holding myself accountable by stating it here. We’re over a year in the no soft drink challenge. Coca Cola doesn’t move me anymore even if I try. God is great, from getting hooked on Coca Cola to getting hooked on water instead.😍 I want to eat more fruits too, although weight has stayed sweet. This heart of mine needs to be streetwise! Too calm a baby. Lol

So 2020! After The Purple Gathering, I sensed a call to come deeper to be filled for more. I’m currently on a Twitter & Facebook fast, after this series might include blog & Instagram or come off, as the Spirit leads.

My 2020 is laced with new possibilities and the emergence of a Pero I can’t wait to meet, see & experience.

I look forward to:

– New levels in my career and finance. Doing the Lord’s work requires money.

– New strategic friendships as well.

  • Flourishing & blooming seamlessly in my multi-influential flows.

– Walking 2020 with God holding and guiding me each step of the way. He is my confidence. With Him my heart is secure.

I’ll leave you with this: How you choose to see events and situations that happen in your life changes everything. Always look through the lens of gratitude, optimism and God’s perspective.

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Happy new year 2020 in advance and thank you for being a part of this year’s edition of 31DAYS 31VOICES.

Love. Learn. Inspire.

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