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Hello everyone, how are you doing and how are you adapting to the lockdown?
Let me share my experience with y’all. So the week before the lockdown I came to Lagos to sort some official stuff and that’s how I got stuck in Lagos. However, I’ve made the most of the experience. Talk about making lemonade out of lemon. Haha I’m having an amazing time!😁

I created an intercessory team before the full lockdown where we daily pray, Gosh! It’s been awesome!
Finished a course from Imisi Owolabi, The School of Intercession, you can dive in here. It’s still free for now.
Finished the Unbundling 2020 mini course by Debola Deji Kurunmi, and by the way, if you’re not on this course, what are you doing in your life? It’s a question I want an answer for for real.
Taking a course on health finance with WHO.
I’ve finished reading several books.
Keep in touch with friends, help someone in need and spread hope.
Spent time watching life-changing YouTube videos.
So it doesn’t seem I’m too serious, I chill out by watching MountZion movies because they’re totally edifying. I highly recommend Abejoye, feel free to binge.
Spent time studying scripture and uncovering the lives of people in scriptures who have gone ahead of me and this makes this season of my life make sense.
Spending time with family is a major highlight as well, understudying my siblings and knowing them better.
Creating my own atmosphere regardless of the news. (I think I should do a post about creating your own atmosphere in the midst of a pandemic.) 😉

So let’s go ahead to today’s topic.💃🏽💃🏽
I’ve finished a couple of courses over the past few years, and during this lockdown, I understand a lot of people are doing courses but are finding it difficult to complete them. Don’t worry I’m here to help.

  • The first thing is to know why you are taking the course. Are you taking it because it looks good or just for doing sake or because it’s critical to your destiny and purpose. You should have a central theme given by God for your life from which your daily decisions spring from. That’s how to live intentionally. Tell Abba about it and ask Him to help you.

  • Now use the power of your imagination. Take time to think about the several grounds this new knowledge coming into your life will help you cover on your journey to destiny and purpose fulfillment. Isn’t it sweet? You want God to use you right? He doesn’t just use you because you’re ready and available but because you’re equipped! See Joseph and Daniel, they both had to be refined. Please read about Joseph and Daniel in the Bible. So think about all the new possibilities that could come into your life. See how this would help you take your mountain of influence whatever aspect of society you’ve been called to reform. I see adrenaline welling up inside of you! Hahaha

  • Recreate your daily schedule. How many hours do you need to devote to this course daily? What book are you going to use to document your learnings? What space in your room will you use? How do you let everyone at home know you’re not available at that particular time of the day? Do you have to put your phone on silence or lock your social media apps? What things are not important and not urgent that you need to eliminate from your life to create more time for better things?

  • While taking the course. Knowing it’s a learning curve, ask yourself how can you apply that knowledge to your life NOW, think about the new information, document how you’re interacting with the new knowledge. Do you need to talk about this new information with someone? Do you want to invite your friends to this course because it’s so good and you want your friends to also elevate with you? Do you want to create a group with your friends to discuss your learning points? Are you maximizing the group discussion forums on the course?

  • Create a reward system. So what are you giving yourself after this course? What treat are you having? Hahaha This also serves as a motivation to help you get to the finish line cos you might get tired as you’re about to finish. Yes, it occurs! Lol It gets more difficult towards the middle/end of the course. So remember why you started, what levels this new knowledge will elevate you into, how this brings you closer to your destiny and purpose fulfillment, the new relationships this will introduce to you, the problems you’ll now be able to solve in the society. Think!

  • After the course. Because you’re reading this post, you’ll definitely be able to finish your course and then go ahead to finish many more! Yes!! God is counting on you, the world is counting on you to contribute your meaningful quota to heal the world with your new knowledge. Do us proud!We are rooting for you!!💪🏽

Please let me know how this post helped you and share other tips that has helped you.😁

Something to LEARN.


You should read this book now whether you’ve read it before or not.

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