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Hello everyone, happy new month and welcome to the beautiful month of May!🥳🥳 Regardless of the shakings globally, I trust you’re keeping safe and using the helpful tips I shared here and here. 

We all can’t wait to get back to the new normal we can all cope with comfortably.💛

Today, I have a guest writer featuring on the blog sharing on God-grade Vision.

We have all at one point listened to a talk or made conscious attempt to map out a vision for different aspects of our life. I would define vision as a crystal clear picture of a preferred future. However I am writing this article because having a good vision by human standard is not enough, its got to be God-grade vision. I read a book recently and was inspired to share my thoughts from reading it.

What is your vision about, is it in alignment with the command to disciple the nations as recorded in the scriptures? Now the call to disciple the nations is beyond preaching and saving souls, does it impact the government of nations or its economy, does it impact the current sector where you work in or is it merely reduced to the fat salaries you earn and desire to earn. A vision is not for you alone but for the other destinies tied to yours. It’s not about self but fulfilling God’s agenda.

There are you two songs that have ministered to me, the first by Paul Wilbur who sang, let the weight of your glory fall, then Dunsin Oyekan who spoke prophetically when he sang, there are realms of glory for my world to see in the song “Open Up.” What is the weight of God’s glory, what connection has it to the realms of glory we are to see, and to having God-grade vision? God desires that His glory be seen upon the face of the earth, the bible speaks about the government being upon His shoulder. How can this thing be? One would ask like Mary; through you and me, however, this dimension is seen and found only in Jesus Christ the Son, why, because our vision must align with God’s vision, we must partner with God to bring His will as it is done in heaven down to the earth.

Nicodemus like Mary asked how can these things be; through desire, don’t just aspire to be great, buy luxury cars and live in luxuriously built houses, although these things are amazing to say the least, but there is more to living than making a living. Desire partnering with God to bring His will upon the earth, cultivate intimate fellowship with God and great relationships with men. Desire that your eyes see, your ears hear and your heart be open to obedience. Desire to be excellent, desire to know who you are and why you’re here, desire to know what portion of the assignment has been given to you in the grand scheme of things. Don’t just desire, pray and work towards it.  The current season of the pandemic has opened me up to so much light and I trust God to continue in this desire until my vision is crystal clear and I am ready and equipped to run with it.

“And the LORD answered me “write the vision; make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.” Habakkuk 2:2

Some helpful tips that I will encourage you; read books, just start from the small numbered books, look for your favourite chapter and start from there.  Start small, an advice from Jesus to Ana Werner penned in her book “The Seers Path”. You have to read!

Trust God for kingdom friends, who will encourage you, spur you to greater heights and also encourage your relationship with Jesus. Listen to people who will inspire you and make the thoughts of your heart or words seen in books come alive. A number of people do this for me, but I am mostly inspired by my pastor Tunde Bakare, when I remember his words and his stories about his vision and how it is now a reality, it wows me, my heart screams, I see now, I get it now.

I pray the LORD opens our hearts to this burden of partnership and as Josephs of this generation, we arise as an army that will bring the desire of the LORD to the earth.

Inspired by the book “The Seven Mountain Mantle” by Johnny Enlow “A must read

Oluchi Mgbenwelu​

Something Inspiring 


Long time, new Vlog!💃🏽💃🏽

Love. Learn. Inspire.

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1 Comment

  1. @oluchi,
    Thanks sharing your inspiration. As have desired, Go to, so be, Amen!

    As inputs, the Heaven Kingdom will on Earth in this dispensation accompanies the coming of Kingdom of God which now is within us. Meant, the Holy Spirit. And His very essence of coming is as thou has envisioned in your article. In otherwise, restoring to mankind the lost dominion by the first man on earth: Adam. Therefore, for in depth understanding of heavenly vision for simulation on earth, all as a matter of most, need prioritize intimate fellowship and relationship with the Holy Spirit to accomplish heavenly vision on earth.

    Once again, thanks on your insight; more grace and wisdom to your pursuit!

    God bless you!


    Okpulor Daniel!

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